Risk Of Rain 2 – How To Unlock MUL-T

Risk Of Rain 2 dropped fresh on Steam without creating any hype. And players have been wondering how to unlock their favorite characters. Being a multiplayer title Risk Of Rain 2 allows players to enjoy the game with different characters to keep things fresh.

Now we all know that it is very common to have a Robot character in games that feature multiple characters for players to play with. The robot in Risk Of Rain 2 in MUL-T. MUL-T is a pretty powerful character with it’s ability use two weapon types and super speed.

Unlocking MUL-T can be a bit time consuming when compared to unlocking Huntress. But if you are a fan of the Risk Of Rain series then you need to have them all. Here is how to Unlock MUL-T in Risk Of Rain 2:

How To Unlock MUL-T in Risk Of Rain 2

Step #1

  • Beat the First level 5 times. This means you have to kill the First level boss in five different games.

Step #2

  • Once you have managed to beat the First level five times then you will get an achievement called ‘Verified’. Congratulations! MUL-T is now unlocked for you.

Step #3

  • Select MUL-T in your next playthrough.

You are good to go!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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