Risk Of Rain 2 – How To Unlock Mage

If you are a fan of the Risk Of Rain series then you would obviously know how much fun the game really is. Risk Of Rain 2 is the latest addition to the series and it is already available on Steam. So players who have played Risk Of Rain can go and check out the sequel.

Risk Of Rain 2 offers a variety of characters that players can unlock and play with. But not every character is easy to obtain in Risk Of Rain 2. Different characters require you to perform different tasks is order to unlock them. We have already covered guides to unlock the Engineer, Mercenary, MUL-T and Huntress. So you can check them out if you are willing to unlock any of these characters.

The Mage in Risk Of Rain 2 is more like an endgame character. He is powerful if you can utilize his abilities properly. And we all know that more powerful the character, the harder is the process to unlock it. Here is how to unlock the Mage in Risk Of Rain 2:

How to unlock the Mage in Risk Of Rain 2

Step #1

  • The first thing you need to do is collect Lunar coins. Lunar coins are random drops from enemies so get ready to kill a plenty of them. You need to gather a total of 11 Lunar Coins

Step #2

  • Now keep on looking at every stage until you find a weird looking Blue Rock. These rocks seem to spawn on every level so you don’t have to search for them too much. Here is a picture of the Blue Rock:

Step #3

  • Give one Lunar coin to the Blue Rock and you will get a message that says ,“a blue orb has appeared”

Step #4

  • Now look for the teleporter and eliminate the Boss

Step #5

  • Once you have managed to beat the boss do not take the teleporter. Instead, take the blue Lunar Portal and make your way to a place called Bazaar Between Realms

Step #5

  • Upon arriving there you will notice a strange blue vendor. Give your remaining 10 Lunar Coins to him and you will free the Mage from captivity

Step #6

  • The Mage is now unlocked for you in Risk Of Rain 2. Choose him when heading for a mission next time

You are good to go!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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