Risk Of Rain 2 – Golden Altar And Golden Orb – What Are They?

The world of Risk Rain 2 offers a lot of strange things for players to discover. Figuring out some are fairly easy, whereas some are pretty twisted. There are certain aspects in this game that require proper knowledge otherwise discovering their objective would be very difficult.

Recently, players have been coming across a Golden Altar randomly placed in a level or stage of Risk Of Rain 2. When approached the altar is asking for money, and in return, it is granting players a Gold Orb. So what is the purpose of this Golden Altar? What does this Gold Orb do? These are the common questions that players of Risk Of Rain 2 are asking. Don’t worry as we have got everything covered in this guide. Here is everything you need to know about the Golden Altar and the Gold orb and what they really do:

Golden Altar

Risk Of Rain 2 is filled with secrets and surprises. You will never know what you are going to discover next. Same is the case with the Golden Altar in Risk Of Rain 2. While exploring a level players might come across a Golden Altar and without proper knowledge it is very difficult to find out what is it and what is it’s purpose.

If you approach the Golden Altar you will notice that it is asking from some money. So just do what it says, deposit some money in front of the Golden Altar. It will then spawn a Gold Orb.

Gold Orb – What is a Gold Orb? How to use it?

Once you have obtained the Gold Orb from the Golden Altar, keep it with you for the time being, you don’t need to do anything yet. Play the level normally. Kill as many enemies as you can and try to grab as much gold as possible. The gold will come in handy later in this process.

Go ahead and kill the Boss of the level you are at and make the Teleporter spawn. Once the Teleporter spawns do not go inside it. Instead, take the Golden Portal which you will notice near the teleporter. After taking the portal you will now drop in a completely new area called Hidden Realm: Gilded Coast. In this area you will notice 7 Shrines. Go ahead and activate all seven Shrines and you will make Aurelionite, the boss of this area, spawn.

How do you beat the boss Aurelionite?

Beating Aurelionite is not as easy as killing other bosses in the game. When the boss spawns, you will notice that your hits are doing 0 damage. No matter how hard you try but you won’t even put on a dent on it. This is where the gold you have collected comes into play. The only way you can damage Aurelionite is by activating the Shrines again and again. You will need 282 gold to activate a single Shrine every time. So get ready to burn through your gold very quickly. If you do not have enough gold then you will obviously get stuck with the boss.

In order to activate all 7 Shrines you will need a total of 1,974 gold. Once you are done activating all the shrines you will now get a chance to damage Aurelionite. Hit it with everything you got and you will manage to put it down.

The whole process is indeed very tough, and we would recommend you to do it with a good team with good communication. This mission requires a lot of gold and certainly a lot of patience. So get ready for a good amount of grinding. But if you are lucky, then you might end up getting a Legendary drop.

You are good to go!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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  1. The gold cost of the shrines is based on time spent before getting in the area. Very late in a run, it could cost more than 4k for each activation, but monsters also drop way more so it’s no problem… The boss gets crazy amounts of life though.

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