Resident Evil Village (RE8) – Controls and Key Bindings

Resident Evil Village controls and key binds – This guide will show you all the controls and key bindings of Resident Evil Village PC.

Resident Evil Village (RE8) – Controls and Key Bindings


Aim Right-click
Attack Left-click
Examine / Pick up item F Enter
Reload R
Guard Space Mouse button 5
Use recovery items Ctrl Mouse button 4
Zoom In / Out (Sniper Rifle Scope) Alt
Move forward W
Move back S
Move left A
Move right D
Run Shift
Crouch / Stand C
Quick Turn Q X
Switch weapon (Left slot) 1
Switch weapon (Upper slot) 2
Switch weapon (Right slot) 3
Switch weapon (Bottom slot) 4
Pause P
Open Map / Journal V M
Open Inventory Tab I
[Menu] OK F Enter
[Menu] Return / Cancel Right-click B
[Menu] (Left) A Left arrow key
[Menu] (Up) W Up arrow key
[Menu] (Right) D Right arrow key
[Menu] (Down) S Down arrow key
[Menu] Change category tabs (Left) Q Mouse button 4
[Menu] Change category tabs (Right) E Mouse button 5
[Menu] Change categories (Left) Z
[Menu] Change categories (Right) C
[Menu] Reset R
[Menu] Hide/Display Controls Ctrl
[Inventory] Move Shift
[Inventory] Rotate Space
[Inventory] Stack Items Alt
[Inventory] Retrieve from Temp Items 1
[Inventory] Send to Temp Items 3
[Map] Change floors (Up) T
[Map] Change floors (Down) G
[Puzzles] Rotate Left Q
[Puzzles] Rotate Right E
[Puzzles] Interact Space

Resident Evil Village - Controls and Key Bindings

These are all the default controls for the PC version of Resident Evil Village or RE8.

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Last Updated on May 7, 2021

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