Redfall Fix Controller not Working For PC

Redfall Fix Controller not Working on PC – Redfall is First Person Shooter Game developed by Arkane Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks. This Coop Game is available on both Xbox Consoles and Windows. If you are on PC, you can buy Redfall from Steam or play it for free if you have the Xbox Gamepass Subscription on PC.

Games like these are typically most enjoyable when played with a controller, but alot of the gamers on the forums have been complaining about the controller not working in Redfall. This is a very common issue, and we faced a similar issue when we started with the game. We fixed it using the techniques mentioned below.

So this article will guide you on how to fix Controller not Working on PC for Redfall.

How to Fix Controller not Working For PC on Redfall

These are the three fixes that you can try out to fix the Controller not Working on PC for Redfall.

Dont use a Wireless Controller.

Even though it is an era of Wireless Controllers and Gaming Devices, you will often run into issues like disconnecting randomly or not getting connected. Hence, try switching to a Wired Controller rather than a wireless one, mainly if you use the Xbox Wireless Controllers. Alot of the Xbox Controllers are having issues in Redfall when connected Wirelessly, both when using the dongle and when connected via Bluetooth. Even we faced a similar problem and switched to a Wired Xbox Controller, and everything ran flawlessly.

how to fix controller not working on refall

Try Disabling the Steam Input (if you are playing on Steam)

Disabling Steam Input can also help load the default profiles for the Redfall. Here are the steps to disable Steam Input altogether.

  1. Exit the game first.
  2. Get back to the desktop.
  3. Open the Steam app.
  4. Go to the library, find the Redfall, and right-click on it.
  5. Click Properties, and find the Controller option on the left.
  6. Select that, and an option will be  available for you to click on the small box to tick mark on “Override for Redfall.”
  7. Select the “Disable Steam Input” option.
  8. Relaunch Redfall, and it will work now.

Check if the controllers are connected

You can do the following steps to see whether Steam has adequately detected your controllers.

  1. Open the Steam app and go to Settings
  2. Click on the Controller option that is on the left
  3. Click on the General Controller settings on the left panel
  4. The plugged-in controllers should automatically get detected/
  5. If not, then disconnect and reconnect the controller back again.
  6. Restart your entire PC and try rerunning Redfall.

As we mentioned, we faced a similar issue when using our Xbox Controller Wirelessly. When we connected it to a Type C USB Cable, it started working again without problems. We hope the developers quickly notice this and fix it in the upcoming patches.

So this was all about how to fix Controller not working in Redfall.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Redfall guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue of the game. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!



Last Updated on May 5, 2023

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