Rage 2 – How To Heal Or Get Health

As we all know by now, most of the games offer in-game healing in more or less the same way. You go outside a fight or take cover, you automatically start healing. But that is not how you heal yourself in Rage 2. If you want to heal yourself in Rage 2 then you would have to work for it a bit as it is not a automatic process. Here is how you can heal in Rage 2:

Rage 2 – How To Heal Or Get Health

How to heal in Rage 2 Method #1

The easiest way to heal yourself in Rage 2 is by collecting a blue colored mineral called Feltrite. Collect the shards of Feltrite in order to restore your health. Just walk over a Feltrite and you will pick it up automatically or you can even use your focus to suck the mineral towards you.

How to heal in Rage 2 Method #2

At certain instances you will feel that the Feltrites are not giving you enough healing. The best option for these situations are Health Infusions. You will be prompted to use a Health Infusion if your health bar gets low. Health Infusions grant you health regeneration for four seconds so use them wisely.

How to heal in Rage 2 Method #3

You can also heal yourself while in Overdrive. Hold onto a charged Overdrive and you will get some extra damage as well as some easy healing.

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Last Updated on May 14, 2019

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