Rage 2 Co-op – Is There Multiplayer Co-op in Rage 2?

Now that one of the most awaited games of 2019 is almost here, a lot of the fans are asking the same question. Does Rage 2 have support for co-op? Is the campaign a multiplayer one?

The reason for these questions is quite simple. Players want to get the most out of their money. A lot of us prefer multiplayer or coop over single player. It makes sense because we obviously want to enjoy the game with our friends and family. So does Rage 2 have co-op or multiplayer?

Rage 2 Co-op – Is There Multiplayer Co-op in Rage 2?

Is there coop support in Rage 2?

Unfortunately, Rage 2 does not have a co-op feature. The first-person post-apocalyptic shooter is a completely single player title.

Is there a multiplayer story campaign in Rage 2? Can we play the story coop with friends?

No, as we said before. Rage 2 is a single player title. There will be no multiplayer mode. The developers might add a online multiplayer mode in the future but there is no confirmation. Tim Willits, who is the studio director and level designer of id Software has already mentioned that they do have some social components in Rage 2 but it is not a typical multiplayer experience. He also said that Rage 2 has ‘enough hours of entertainment for our money’.

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