Rage 2 – Best Video Or Graphics Settings – GTX 1050 ti

Nobody likes to play games with lag and fps drops. It is one of the worst problems in the gaming industry that is only getting stronger day by day. And this problem is even more prominent in AAA games. Therefore, it is very necessary that players tweak the graphics or video settings of every game they play before they start playing it in order to come up with a combination of decent visuals and good performance.

It is always recommended that before jumping into any game, take some time and figure out a combination of settings that suits your system the best. It will help towards getting good performance and won’t hinder your overall experience. Rage 2 is no exception. It is pretty easy to tell from the system requirements that Rage 2 is pretty heavy compared to the other AAA titles that launched in the year 2019. So if players don’t use the settings that is best for their PC then they won’t be able to enjoy Rage 2 properly would constantly have to deal with problems like low fps, lag, crashes, etc. That is why we decided to find out the best graphics settings combination for Rage 2 and test it on our medium end gaming PC.

Rage 2 – Best Video Or Graphics Settings – GTX 1050 ti

Best Graphics or video settings for Rage 2

In order to find out the best combination of settings for a game, it is always recommended to run that game on a mediocre or medium end gaming PC. Running benchmarks on high end systems won’t make any sense for operations like these. Though the system requirements of Rage 2 are a bit on the higher side we still went ahead and ran it on a very basic and mediocre gaming PC. Here are the full specifications of our rig:

  • CPU : Intel i3 8100
  • GPU : MSI GTX 1050 ti 4GB
  • RAM : 16GB DDR4 2400mhz
  • HDD : 1 TB 7200 rpm
  • SSD : 128 GB

The graphics or video settings that we are using:

Go to Settings > Video Settings

Field Of View : 85

Motion Blur : On

Chromatic Aberration : Off

Resolution Scale : Manual

Minimum Resolution Scale : 100%

Automatic Resolution Scale Target FPS : Maximum

Anisotropic Terrain Filtering : On

Geometric Details : Medium

Global Illumination : On

Depth Of Field : On

SSAO : Medium

Anti-Aliasing : FXAA

Player Self-shadow : On

Dynamic Reflections : On

Shadow Resolution : Medium

Shadowed Lights : Medium

Shading Quality : High

Soft Particles : On

We managed to get a stable 40+ fps on the above given settings. Here are some screenshots of how Rage 2 looks with the given settings applied:

In-game Screenshot #1

In-game Screenshot #2

In-game Screenshot #3 [Anti-aliasing Off]

Even though Rage 2 is a demanding title, we still managed to squeeze out some decent performance with the given settings on a GTX 1050 ti. The settings mentioned above will give you a great balance between appealing visuals and playable frame rates.

You are good to go!



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Last Updated on May 14, 2019

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