Rage 2 Ability Guide – All Nanotrite Abilities And How To Unlock Them

Rage 2 offers some great deal of abilities and they all look pretty awesome. The abilities are one of the important aspects of Rage 2 and if you want to ready yourself for endgame then you have to unlock and master all the Nanotrite Abilities.

That is why we have put up a guide that will give you all the details about the important Nanotrite Abilities in Rage 2. Here is how to unlock all the important Nanotrite Abilities in Rage 2:

Rage 2 Ability Guide – All Nanotrite Abilities And How To Unlock Them

Here is a guide for unlocking all the Nanotrite Abilities in Rage 2


Shatter is an ability that allows you to lunge forward and unleash a powerful kinetic force that damages armor and displaces enemies and objects.

Ark : Junkers Pass Ark

Ark Location :  Twisting Canyons

Enemy Difficulty : 2


Grav-Jump is an ability that gives you an extra burst of lift while in the air. Grav-Jump is nothing but double jump.

Ark : Great Crack Ark

Ark Location :  South of Gunbarrel

Enemy Difficulty : 3


If you have the Defibrillator in Rage 2 then you won’t die immediately if your lose your health completely. Instead, you will have to play a mini-game and complete it within a given time period to get your health back.

Ark : Canyon Cove Ark

Ark Location :  South-East of Broken Tract region

Enemy Difficulty : 5


You can use the Barrier ability to raise an energy barrier that blocks bullets and explosions.

Ark : Spikewind Ark

Ark Location :  West of Broken Tract

Enemy Difficulty : 6


The Rush ability gives you a sprint boost that can be used for both offense and defense

Ark : Dealypipe Ark

Ark Location :  Sekreto Wetlands

Enemy Difficulty : 6


The Vortex ability allows you to deploy a singularity that pulls in nearby enemies. You can use it to even launch yourself into the air by just stepping into it.

Ark : Quake Hill Ark

Ark Location :  South-East of Twisting Canyons

Enemy Difficulty : 2

Cannot find the Quake Hill Ark even after reaching the location? That is because you won’t be able to see the Ark immediately when you arrive at the location. Instead, you will notice a building and at the end of that building there is door. You need to go through that door in order to reach the Quake Hill Ark. Here is a screenshot that will help you even more.


Slam is one of the most useful and fun abilities to use in Rage 2. The players smashes the ground with a punch attack, destroying enemies caught under your fist and sending nearby foes flying. Remember, the higher you jump, the more powerful the ground slam.

Ark : Earthscar Ark

Ark Location :  North of Torn Plains

Enemy Difficulty : 2

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