Pumpkin Days – Game is Crashing – How to fix

Pumpkin Days crashing – This guide will show you how to fix crashes in Pumpkin Days.

How to fix the Crashing issue in Pumpkin Days

Pumpkin Days is finally out of Early Access, which means players can now enjoy the full experience. But the problem is, the game, despite being a very less demanding title, is crashing for a lot of users.

First things to try

Step 1 : Start by opening up your task manager and check to make sure that your computer is being able to run the game or not. If the CPU or Memory goes over 90% the game will freeze or crash. In this case you will need to turn down the settings in the game, or close any other programs to free up memory. If that doesn’t work then your computer is probably below the minimum requirements to run the game and there is nothing you can do here other than getting better hardware for your rig.

Step 2 : If you’re sure your computer isn’t the cause you can check the drivers. Make sure they are up to date or that may cause crashing and issues with the game.

Step 3 : After trying Step 1 and 2 double-check to make your antivirus software isn’t interfering with loading the game. Right-click and run the game as admin just in case.

Step 4 : If for whatever reason a recent update may have botched, or ruined something in your current game. You can roll back to a previous version of the game. You can access the old versions by right-clicking on the game in Steam Library>Properties>Betas. Sometimes these beta versions don’t like to load. If you don’t see them, try exiting out of Steam entirely and opening it again to see if they eventually load in.

Fixing Video Driver Crashed Error

The Video Driver Crashed error occurs when your computer is struggling to run the game due to your graphics card being low powered. This is very common in Laptops and Desktops using an integrated graphics card instead of a dedicated one.

If you get this error, before you start a new game. On the main menu, go to settings and then turn down the graphics settings. One thing to keep in mind, if you turn these settings down it may cause the textures to look odd in places and a loss of some effects in the game such as rain and light. If this does not work, your computer specs are too low to run the game.

Crashes Due to Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Installation error

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is mandatory for running Pumpkin Days. If you already have Visual Studio 2017 redistributable then chances are that it is blocking the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable installation.

If you are in a situation where the Visual Studio 2017 redistributable is installed, but the application that you are installing doesn’t detect this and is refusing to install, then you should look for the Visual Studio 2017 redistributables and uninstall those, install Visual Studio 2015, then finally reinstall the Visual Studio 2017.

Are the crashes happening when you do a specific action or at a specific time? It is probably an issue from the end of the developers then. In that case, please let them know by visiting the bug report section of their Discord Channel or report the errors in the steam discussions page of Pumpkin Days, and the devs will try to fix the issues, and in rare cases, they might have time to send you a working version of your saved game, so you can continue playing.

Last Updated on February 2, 2021

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