PUBG not lauching/starting fix, Crash Fix, Lag Fix

A new patch with new anti-cheat measures got added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC recently. Sadly, developer Bluehole was left with no other choice but to roll it back. It happened yesterday. If you noticed a small update to download before getting into the action on PC, that’s what it was: Bluehole hitting undo. The reason for this is compatibility issues.

These compatibility issues were leading to terrible performance and glitches for players who play Pubg regularly. People were reporting freezes and even crashes to desktop following the introduction of the new anti-cheat measures. If Pubg is lagging or crashing on your PC then here are few methods or fixes that the developers are asking you try :


PUBG not lauching/starting fix, Crash Fix, Lag Fix

First Method

  • Go to Start
  • Run
  • Enter “msinfo32”
  • File
  • Export
  • Enter a file name and click save. Then upload this file to the following forum thread. They developers will get back to you as soon as possible.


Second Method

If you are having trouble launching PUBG, Bluehole suggests adding both ‘tslgame’ and ‘tslgame_BE’ to the exception list in your antivirus software.


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That’s all folks!

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