PUBG EMT Gear Controls

Pubg emt gear controls – This guide will show you all the Controls for the new EMT Gear, that has arrived in PUBG: Battlegrounds, with the latest update.

The EMT Gear has opened a huge number of possibilities in PUBG

It has at last occurred. Pubg is at long last free-to-play. The most recent update 15.2 has brought a considerable amount of changes to the games. On the off chance that you haven’t played the game in some time, you will be amazed when you sign in interestingly.

Other than making the game free-to-play, the devs have presented a fresh new class of strategic things. Tactical Gear, that wanders from unadulterated gunplay to give the players different choices to further developing their in-game exhibitions. You won’t see any advantage first thing. In any case, I can as of now see these new things turning into the next large thing in PUBG.

As Tactical Gear will be taking up players’ primary weapon slots, which will allow players to come up with more creative long-term strategies.


I have already made an article on the Drone Controls. In this article, I will be taking a looking at the EMT Gear. The EMT Gear is a Tactical Gear that allows players to opt into increased healing potential for both themselves and their team at the cost of reduced combat flexibility. First, let check out the EMT controls:

EMT Gear Controls

Player has the Trauma Bag equipped and in hand Player heals self Left Click R2 Button Right Trigger
Toggle selected healing item Right Click / B key L2 / ‘Left’ D-pad Left Trigger / ‘Left’ D-pad
Use selected heal or boost item on self ‘-‘ (minus) key ‘Down’ D-pad ‘Down’ D-pad
Player heals teammate in range F Square Button X
Player revives knocked down teammate F
Square Button
In the Inventory
Player heals self using highlighted heal item
Right Click X Button A

The original table, made by the devs, is highly inaccurate, and really confusing. Check out the table:

PUBG EMT Gear controls table

How to use the EMT Gear in PUBG

Now, let us take a look at what the EMT does, and how to use it in-between fights:

  • The EMT Gear will be available in every map.
    1. Alongside the EMT Gear, a total of two stacks of bandages will spawn. Five bandages in one stack
  • The EMT Gear will be available in all modes
  • Players will receive numerous passive benefits with the EMT Gear, regardless of if they’re holding it or have it stowed away.
    1. It will only take 3 seconds to use healing items such as bandages, First Aid Kits, and Med Kits.
    2. It will only take 3 seconds to revive a knocked down teammate.
    3. Players can walk much faster when using healing items than when normally using healing items.
    4. Bandages and First Aid Kits can heal players to max health.
    5. Med Kits will give full boost to players.
  • Players with the EMT Gear equipped will gain an ability to interact with damaged teammates.
    1. Players can spend one of their own healing items on their teammate.
    2. Players can toggle between different healing items on the bottom screen, where a weapon’s fire mode would normally be displayed.
      • The display would also show the number of the selected heal item that the player has in their inventory.
  • The EMT Gear will NOT grant the following boosts when used in the Blue Zone:
    1. Healing boosts (teammates can still be healed)
    2. Shortened revival time

And, that is all the information I have on the EMT Gear Controls in PUBG. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any addition to make regarding this topic, then also you can comment below. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on January 5, 2022

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