Players are not happy about the lack of Windows 7 Support in Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 came out for Windows or the PC platform just a while ago. The game has already been out for the consoles, only the PC release was pending.

There is no denying that Spelunky is one of the best Platformers out there, and Spelunky 2 does not disappoint. It is an awesome title that every Spelunky fan should find nothing less than a treat. The game has everything that you would expect from a Platformer title.

Players are not happy about the lack of Windows 7 Support in Spelunky 2

Now, it is clear that Spelunky 2 is a really great game. But is everyone happy with it? Well, not really. Some players are pretty unhappy about the fact that you need to have Windows 10, that too 64-bit, in order to play Spelunky 2.

Even though Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 quite a while ago, a huge chunk of PC gamers are still running it. According to them, Windows 7 is more “stable” than Windows 10 and that they find the new OS “buggy”. Though it is true to a certain extent, you cannot deny the fact that Windows 7 is almost a 10 year old OS. That OS is from the PS3 and the Xbox 360 era. When people upgrade their consoles, they also upgrade to a different OS unknowingly. Is PS5 running the same version of software that was there is PS3? No right? So to expect that the developers will keep on adding support for Windows 7 to the next generation of games is probably not the best thing to do.

No Windows 7 Support

Here is a comment from a Steam user on the Steam Discussions page of Spelunky about this Windows 7 support topic, that really sums up the situation:

If a developer chooses to support Windows 7 that’s cool, but you’re asking for support for an 11 year old operating system that a tiny minority on Steam uses. When Battlefield 3 came out in 2011 it didn’t support XP, which was 10 years old at that point. Time is not going to be kind to operating systems, you have to upgrade or you WILL get left behind. I only upgraded earlier this year and I’m glad I did, a lot of games and software just don’t support Windows 7 anymore and that’s just how it works, so consider upgrading.

Maybe it is time for people to move forward and consider an upgrade. Take my word, Windows 7 would slowly become more obsolete as developers start working with the DirectX 12 API only, for their games.

Will Spelunky 2 ever get Windows 7 Support?

Fortunately it will, a Steam user had posted this on the forums:

The game was meant to originally launch in 2019 AND we had a staggered PC release. Why have you chosen to make it ONLY available for Windows 10? Come on, my dude.

To which a developer of Spelunky 2 replied:

Hey, there is a pretty long thread where people have been discussing this for a long since the original announcement, please, feel free to continue there.

We will evaluate supporting other OS versions (including Windows 7) and other platforms after a few rounds of bugfixing and releasing the online gamemodes.

We wanted to support them but didn’t want to delay the launch any longer, this kind of heterogeneity is the reason why there was a delay in the first place.

Feel free to request a refund, it’s a feature that exists for cases like this.

And this what another developer had to say:

Regarding Windows support:

  • The game is 64-bit only, it won’t run on 32-bit setups.
    This decision was made pretty early on and allowed us to introduce some 64-bit only optimizations.
    We’re sorry for 32-bit users but adding 32-bit support would actually increase the minimum requirements and leave out more people than people who can’t play because of 64-bit limitation.
  • We also don’t provide official support for Windows 7 (as a matter of fact not even Microsoft does). This doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t run in Windows 7 but that we don’t know as we don’t check if every patch runs on Windows 7.

The rationale behind this is that we’re a small team with limited resources and can’t provide official support for every single setup at launch.
Since official steam stats point out that ~8% of Windows users on Steam use Windows 7/8/8.1 we decided to focus on the 92% at launch.

This will be revised in the future but right now we’re focusing on polishing and even though some team members play Spelunky 2 on Windows 7 on daily basis and it works right now out of the box we don’t want to take the risk to state we support something without having the game go through the full Quality Assurance process.

This means Windows 7 support is coming for Spelunky 2, just not right now. I would say, let the developers take their time because a late and good release is better than a rushed and bad release.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2020

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