Players are not being able to Change Controls in Dyson Sphere Program

Wondering if you can rebind the controls in Dyson Sphere Program or not? Well, here is your answer.

There is no option to change controls in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is finally out on Steam and for a Simulator, the game is doing extremely well. It has already managed to attract a decent number of players. The game doesn’t seem to have many issues and is running smoothly for the majority of the player base.

Now every PC game comes with a default set of keyboard controls and key bindings. But they can be easily changed by the users from the settings menu. Looks like it is not the case with Dyson Sphere Program.

Can we change the controls?

No, Dyson Sphere Program does not allow you to change the key binds. I was actually surprised myself, when I came to know about this. Why would a PC game releasing in 2021 won’t have customizable controls. It is understandable that the game is still in Early Access, but control customization is probably one of the most common aspects of PC games.

It is true that a lot of games don’t have a dedicated section for controls in the Settings menu. But most of them have configuration files that allow us to change the controls. Unfortunately, the config files of Dyson Sphere Program do not have such options.

A Steam user called /Detonyle took the time to talk about this on the Steam discussions page of Dyson Sphere Program:

Please enable key binding
Please enable key binding, will be easier to play for non right handed player, or for non QWERTY keyboard.
To his surprise, he actually ended up getting a reply back from a developer of Dyson Sphere Program:
Hi Detonyle,
Key binding is already in road map, you will find it in one of our following patches!

Thank you for supporting Dyson Sphere Program!

This is actually good news if you ask me. A developer of the game confirmed that the option to change controls will eventually come to Dyson Sphere Program. The date is not known though. But at least they are being honest, which is actually a good sign. As this is the type of transparency a community looks for from the developers of the game they are willing to support.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2021

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