Payday 3: Stuttering and FPS Drops fix

The long-awaited sequel to Payday 2, Payday 3, just came out. The game has already proven to be a hit, with over 100k players playing it just on PC. But that doesn’t change the fact that Payday 3 has its fair share of problems. The stuttering, fps drops, and server issues being the prominent ones. We have already covered the server one. Time to take a look at the other two.

It looks like Payday 3 is stuttering for a lot of PC users. And it is not just the low-end GPU users who are having this issue. I am actually seeing RTX 3080 users complain about this on the Steam Discussions page of Payday 3. Now, the question is, can we fix the stuttering and random fps drops?

Payday 3 Stuttering and FPS Drops fix

Let me tell you, I myself was facing stuttering with Payday 3. In fact, I tried the game on my 4070 Ti and my RTX 3060 Ti, and they both were showing the same issue. Random stuttering and fps drops. It took me some time to figure things out, but here is what I think should fix the issue:

  1. Start Payday 3.
  2. Click on More and then Settings.
  3. Toggle between Borderless and Fullscreen, and see if it fixes the stutter. If not, continue reading.
  4. Turn On VSync and try again. It was enabling VSync that fixed the issue for me on both RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 3060 Ti.
  5. If enabling VSync doesn’t work, set the Framerate Limit to 60.

    Payday 3 Best Settings
    Screenshot by Frondtech
  6. Scroll down to Graphics Quality and set Shadows to “Low”.

These are all the settings that I am currently using on all three of my PCs (4070 Ti, 3060 Ti, and 2060), and all of them are free from stuttering or any sort of FPS drops. Now, these settings apply for those who are using a decent GPU. If you are someone who is using something like the GTX 1050 Ti or the GTX 1650, then you might have to set the Graphics Settings to Medium in order to eradicate the issue.

Guessing from the fact that the game is stuttering because of your GPU, another thing you can do is you can also visit the Nvidia Control panel and click ‘Adjust image settings with preview’ on the left sidebar. Select ‘Use my preference emphasizing:’, and pull the slider all the way towards the ‘Performance’ option on the left.

If you have Payday 3 on Game Pass, then you can try this fix, suggested by a Steam user:

Try -dx12 as steam launch parameter. Gives a lot of people 30-40 FPS more.

Also the stuttering when you perform certain actions goes away after a while, it’s a weird caching thing.

I am linking this Steam post here, where a lot of people are discussing the issue, and you will find some other fixes here as well.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Payday 3. Good luck.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on September 22, 2023

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