Outriders – Controls and Key Bindings

This guide will show you all the controls and key bindings of Outriders PC.

Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings of Outriders


Forward W
Back S
Right D
Left A
Use Cover Left Mouse Button
Targeting Space Bar
Roll / Climb / Mantle Left Ctrl
Reload R
Skill 1 1
Skill 2 2
Skill 3 3
Melee F
Open Class Screen P
Interaction E
Open Inventory I
Open Journal J
Map M
Swap Weapons Q
Open Skills Screen O
Open Emote Menu V
Sprint Left Shift
Mirror Camera / Toggle Zoom Middle Mouse Button
Cancel Ability Right Mouse Button
Ping Objectives Tab
Alternative Interaction Space Bar
Select Weapon 1 Not Assigned
Select Weapon 2 Not Assigned
Select Sidearm Not Assigned
Auto Loot H
Walk Not Assigned
Toggle Walk Z

Outriders - Controls

These are all the default controls for the PC version of Outriders.

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Last Updated on January 8, 2024

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