One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – Fix lag, crashing, stuttering and freezing

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 lag crashing stuttering freezing fix – One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is an action-adventure video game by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the fourth installment in the One Piece : Pirate Warriors series and is a direct sequel to One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 that was released in 2015.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 features gameplay that is quite similar to its previous installments. Apart from that One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 introduces a new game mode called “Titan mode”, where the players opponents will become larger in size, forcing the player to adjust their strategy. The game has its own original story. It also features four new multiplayer player modes.

Now that the basic summary about the game is out of the way, lets talk about how the game performs on the PC platform. Most of Bandai Namco titles have been well optimized till date. Which includes the One Piece titles that were released on PC as well. Same is the case with One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, as it runs quite well. As long you have a decent rig, you shouldn’t face any problem.

But it looks like a lot of people are facing some performance issues here and there while playing this game. Players have already started reporting about issues like, lag, fps drops, random crashes, stuttering and few bugs. Therefore, we decided to come up with a performance guide that will tell you about all the simple and basic steps, which might help you overcome all the performance issues.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – Fix lag, crashing, stuttering and freezing

Check the Minimum System requirements of One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

The first things you should check are the minimum and recommended system requirements of One Piece Pirate Warriors 4. Because after taking a look at the minimum system requirements of the game you should be able to tell whether this game is suitable for your system or not.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 System Requirements

MINIMUM [30 FPS @ 1280×720] RECOMMENDED [60 FPS @ 1920×1080]
OS Windows 10, 64bits Windows 10, 64bits
PROCESSOR Intel Core i5 3450 / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Intel Core i7 3770 / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
GRAPHICS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) / AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB) / AMD Radeon RX 580 (4GB)
DIRECTX Version 11 Version 11
NETWORK Broadband Internet connection Broadband Internet connection
STORAGE 25 GB available space 25 GB available space
ADDITIONAL NOTES Graphics settings: All ‘Low’ or ‘OFF’ Graphics settings: All ‘High’ or ‘ON’; ‘Character display number’ only set to ‘Medium’

As you can see the requirements are quite high. The hardware listed under minimum requirements will only allow you to play the game at 30 FPS on 1280×720 resolution, that too with every graphics settings set to low.

Also you do need Windows 10 in order to play this game. So Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 users are out of luck here.

Update Graphics or Video Driver

This should be pretty obvious. I don’t see a reason for not installing the latest graphics or video drivers that have been already released by AMD and Nvidia. Considering the fact that these drivers are specifically optimized for the newer games. So go ahead and update the drivers if you haven’t done it yet. Here are the links:

  1. Nvidia Drivers
  2. AMD Drivers

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – Best graphics settings

We are still working to find out the best combination of graphics or video settings that would not only allow the game to run smoother on low end gaming PCs but would also compromise less on the visuals department. Here are the full specifications of our rig:

  • CPU : Intel i3 8100
  • GPU : MSI GTX 1050 ti 4 GB
  • RAM : 16GB DDR4 2666mhz
  • HDD : 1 TB 7200 rpm
  • Monitor Resolution : 1920×1080

Full-screen Display : Full Screen

Resolution : 1920X1080

30 FPS Limit : Off

Vertical sync : Off

Play Movie : On

Quality Settings : Custom

Character display number : Normal

Character display range : Normal

Terrain quality : Low

Grass/ Small Object : Off

Effect quality : Low

Shadows : Off

Tessellation : Low

Subsurface Scattering : Off

Fog : Off

Volumetric Fog : Off

AO (Ambient Occlusion) : On

Anti-aliasing : On

Bloom : Off

Depth of field : Off

Radial blur : Off

Texture Quality : Low

With the settings given above we managed to keep the FPS locked at 60. This game does not support more that 60 FPS so that should be the aim. No need to go super low on every setting.

Upgrade your DirectX version

If One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 is not launching for you, there is a chance that it is because you are running a DirectX version that is lower than DirectX 11.

How to check the DirectX version on your PC

Here is how to check the DirectX version that your OS is running:

  • Press Ctrl+R or Windows key+R on your keyboard
  • Type “dxdiag” and press Enter
  • A dialog box will appear and at the bottom of the list your DirectX version will show up

How to download the latest DirectX version

  • Go to the official Microsoft DirectX download page. Here is the link
  • Choose language
  • Now click on the download button
  • Once the download is completed, open the “dxwebsetup.exe” file
  • Follow the instructions
  • Restart your PC

Verify the game on Steam

Here is how you can verify the in-game files of One Piece Pirate Warriors 4:

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right click on One Piece Pirate Warriors 4
  • Select Properties
  • Click on the Local Files tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files

Use Game Mode (For Windows 10 users)

Game mode prevents Windows Update from performing driver installations and sending restart notifications and it also helps your system towards achieving more stable frame rates depending on the specific game and system.

How to turn on Game Mode

Here is how to turn on Game Mode:

  • Press the Start button
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Gaming
  • Now select Game Mode for the side bar
  • Turn Game Mode On

These are all the steps we have for the time being. All the steps listed are basic steps and does not require you to take any advanced measures. Some of these steps or methods might work for you but nothing is guaranteed. As performance issues can vary from user to user.

Keep is mind that there are certain issues that you just cannot fix. It is completely in the hands of the developers. Here is link to the official Steam discussions page of One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 where you will find players sharing their experiences with the game. We will keep on adding new steps or fixes as we progress further in the game.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing problems that are not mentioned on this article then also you can comment below. We will try come out with a fix. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on March 27, 2020

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