Nvidia GTX 2060 Release Date – What to expect

By now everyone of us have more or less heard about the new architecture of Nvidia’s new line up of graphics cards or GPUs which is known as the Volta. Nvidia has already demonstrated the power of Volta through Titan V and thus towering our expectations to a very high limit. Now, there is no doubt that the GTX 1060 was one the most popular graphics cards of 2017 and it sold like hot cakes. But this is not 2017, this a new year, which means new graphics cards. Nvidia has already hinted the launch of Volta based GPUs around Q1 of 2018. So we could expect a GTX 2060 by the end of March or April. For more details on the Volta architecture you can check out our another article here.

Nvidia GTX 2060 Release Date – What to expect

Here is what we can expect from the GTX 2060:

  1. Double the performance of gtx 1060.
  2. More energy efficient than the gtx 1060
  3. It is suppose to be costlier than the gtx 1060 but the price difference won’t be much.
  4. It is going to have HBM2 Memory.
  5. 12nm FinFET design like the Titan V

Whatever it is. All we can say that we are very excited about the next generation of graphics cards. It might let budget loving gamers upgrade to higher resolutions. People who have been stuck at 1920×1080 resolution gaming for a long time. But could not upgrade due the hefty prices of high end graphics cards. We know that 1920×1080 resolution is enough for most of the gamers but there is nothing wrong in getting something extra right? Now the Pascal architecture was truly a wonderful innovation. It allowed us to run mid range cards like gtx 1050 and gtx 1050 ti without the help of a 6 pin power connector, was truly amazing. We hope to see more and more innovations like these in the coming years.

That’s all folks!

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