NBA 2K21 – 2KTV Episode 29 Answers

2K21 2KTV Episode 29 Answers – This guide will show you all the 2KTV Episode 29 Answers for NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 – 2KTV Episode 29 Answers

What is 2KTV?

NBA 2KTV is an original series which was made available for the first time in NBA 2K15 by Visual Concepts. It is available to watch both in-game, and on the official NBA 2K YouTube channel.

The show covers almost everything about NBA 2K gaming and the NBA, featuring interviews with developers and NBA players alike. It also spotlights NBA 2K gamers, and covers events such as the Road To The Finals tournament in 2K Pro-Am. Various episodes have also revealed tidbits about upcoming games, including the addition of more retro teams, gameplay enhancements, and other teasers.

It is a really great addition that keeps people glued to the game even when they are not playing the game.

Now that NBA 2K21 is here, we all know what that means. A brand-new season of 2KTV. We have now reached Season 7 of 2KTV.

Episode 29 Answers – NBA 2K21

1. Which game mode should we discuss more often?
Any Answer

2. Which player recently passed Magic Johnson for the most assists in All-Star game history?
Chris Paul

3. Which 2021 All-Star was also a part of Jayson Tatum’s draft class?
Donovan Mitchell

4. How many times has Jayson Tatum had a double-double in the playoffs?
13 (Glitched)

5. In the 2017 NBA draft, who was one of the two players drafted ahead of Jayson Tatum?
Lonzo Ball

6. Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Week.
Any Answer

7. Who were you rooting for in the Unlimted Tournament?
Any Answer

8. In the Tournament finals, how many Galaxy Opal cards did Splash have?

9. In the Tournament finals, how many Pink Diamond cards did Tydebo have?

10. Which Point Guard did Tydebo start?
Lonzo Ball

11. Who was Tydebo’s leading scorer in Game 3?
Moses Malone

12. Which of the following is true about Tydebo?
He Was A #4 Seed

13. Which player won the 2021 All-Star game MVP award?
Giannis Antetokounmpo

2k21 2ktv episode 29

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Last Updated on March 13, 2021

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