Mordhau Server Bug – Unable To Connect To The Servers – Is There A Fix?

Recently players have been experiencing a lot of problems related to the Mordhau servers. We can understand how frustrating issues like these can be where you buy the game only to find out that you could not even play it. So what is the reason behind this Mordhau server bug? Is there a fix?

Mordhau Server Bug – Unable To Connect To The Servers – Is There A Fix?

What is the server bug in Mordhau?

It is a bug or glitch that is preventing players from connecting to the Mordhau servers. Mordhau is a multiplayer game so you need to be online constantly in order to play it. A huge number of players are complaining that they cannot connect to the servers as they are always full and are getting disconnected or kicked whenever they are trying to do so.

Is there a fix?

This is not a serious bug or an issue. This has been caused by the huge amount of players who are trying to play the game all at once. Mordhau has been well received by majority of the community and even popular streamers like Summit1G are streaming this game. So you can imagine how big the player base of Mordhau has become is such a short period of time.

Maybe the developers were not expecting such a huge surge in the number of players as a result they didn’t put up enough servers. And the existing servers are running at their full capacity constantly. That is why a lot of players are not being able to connect to the servers and are getting disconnected or kicked. The developers have already addressed this issue and a fix is on its way. So be patient and keep an eye on the forums to see what others have to say about this.

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Last Updated on May 5, 2019

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