Monster Hunter World For PC Release Date

Monster Hunter World is going to be one of the biggest releases of 2018 undoubtedly. It is already out for the consoles but the PC gamers have to wait a bit longer. However, Capcom has given us some idea of when to expect it. So all you PC gamers out there can pre-rejoice if you want to for the time time being.

Monster Hunter World For PC Release Date

World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto provided an update on the PC version’s status via a video shared on Monster Hunter’s official Twitter account. “We’re working hard on it right now and aiming for an Autumn 2018 release. We’ll update you with more details later and thank you for your patience.”

So we can expect a PC version of the title to release sometime around September 2018. We know that it is a long wait but it is still better than nothing. Here is what we can expect from the PC version of Monster Hunter World:

  • Optimised [email protected] fps gameplay
  • Better textures compared to the console versions
  • HDR support
  • Better customizability than the console versions

That’s all folks!

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