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Tigrex Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Wondering where to find Tigrex in MH Stories 2? Don’t worry, we got you.

Where to find Tigrex is Monster Hunter Stories: Wings of Ruin

Tigrex – Monstipedia – Stats and Information

Tigrex - Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin - Monstipedia

Rarity 5
Genus Flying Wyvern
Attack Type Speed
Growth Quick
Riding Actions Dash / Ivy Climb
Habitat Alcala
Weakness Thunder
Kinship Skill Rock Smash – Bellows a savage roar before diving from a cliff. Creates a catastrophic blast-wave upon impact with the earth, sending both foe and the very land itself flying. Deals damage to one enemy.

Tigrex is a Royal Monster in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. It has a Rarity of 5, and is definitely one of the best Monsters you can find early game. It has really high Attack. Defense, not so much. Monoblos, the other Royal Monster you will find early in the game, has higher Defense. But the damage you can deal with the Tigrex, is really insane.

In my opinion, it has two of the most useful Riding Actions: Dash and Ivy Climb. Dash is my favorite though. Considering the fact that you cannot really sprint in the game, Dash is a lifesaver when it comes to covering long distances. If you somehow manage to get Tigrex early, your time in the earlier to mid-portions of the game would become a breeze

Tigrex – Location

You can find Tigrex at the Harzgai Rocky Hill. Yes, there is a Catavan Stand at Harzgai Rocky Hill. But the problem is, if you take the Catavan, you will spawn on the other side of Harzgai Rocky Hill, and there is no open route to get to the location of Tigrex from there. What I did was, I unlocked the Catavan Stand at Alcala Valley, and made my way to the location from there. The screenshot below shows which route you need to take:

How to get to the location of Tigrex

Take the route shown above, and you should land on the other side of Harzgai Rocky Hill. Also, the entrance is blocked by two big rocks. So you need to use a Monstie that has the Riding Action, Rock Breaker. I used my Blue Yian Kut-Ku to break the rocks. Here is the exact location of Tigrex on Harzgai Rocky Hill:

Tigrex Location - Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin

How to catch Tigrex

Tigrex is one of the most difficult Monsters to catch early game. If your level is not high enough, Tigrex will one-shot you with it’s every attack. You would lose your three hearts in three turns, probably.

Try to reach level 21-22 at least, before you go and fight Tigrex. Now, to get or catch a Tigrex, you need to make it Retreat. You won’t be able to catch it if you eliminate it completely.

Buy at least 10 Paintballs  from the Rutoh Village Market. Paintball increases monster Retreat chance for 3 turns, and it is most potent on low HP monsters. One Paintball costs 200 Zenny. Bring the health bar of Tigrex down to 10-15% and throw a Paintball. If everything goes according to the plan, the Tigrex should Retreat. Once it Retreats, a Monster Den should pop up nearby, marked with a green-colored Den icon on the Map. Enter the Den, look for the Nest of Tigrex, pick up the Egg and leave the Den. Now, just visit the Stables and hatch the egg. Congratulations! You now own a Tigrex! Enjoy mowing down almost everything in your path.

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