Mercurial Overreach God Roll Destiny 2

Mercurial Overreach God Roll – Season 21 has finally arrived inside Destiny 2, and the update has brought a fair amount of content in the game. New Exotics, new seasonal activity, a brand-new Dungeon, and not to forget, a bunch of Legendary Weapons. Mercurial Overreach is the Competitive Mode reward that has replaced the Rose Hand Cannon. It is a 90 RPM Legendary Arc Sniper Rifle with a Magazine Size of 4.

Let’s quickly look at the stats of Mercurial Overreach:

  • Impact: 70
  • Range: 65
  • Stability: 54
  • Handling: 52
  • Reload Speed: 50
  • Aim Assistance: 63
  • Zoom: 40
  • Airborne Effectiveness: 5
  • Recoil: 75

It is a really good PvP Sniper Rifle that is quite on par with the Beloved, and you should definitely farm for it. With that being said, here are the PvP and PvE God Rolls for Mercurial Overreach.

Mercurial Overreach God Roll Destiny 2

Mercurial Overreach God Roll – PvP

Most people are obviously going to farm for a PvP God Roll, as Mercurial Overreach is a PvP-focused Sniper, after all. In my opinion, here is what a PvP God Roll Mercurial Overreach should look like:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel (+15 Handling, +5 Stability)
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds (+5 Range, +10 Stability)
  • Trait #1: Snapshot Sights (Still one of the best perks for Snipers available in the game)
  • Trait #2: Opening Shot/Moving Target (Opening Shot is perfect for Snipers in PvP)
  • Stock: Short-Action Stock (+15 Handling)
  • Masterwork: Handling/Range (Try to prioritize Handling)
  • Mod: Targeting Adjuster (For more Aim Assist)

Mercurial Overreach God Roll – PvE

When it comes to PvE, I am not really sure how effective Mercurial Overreach is going to be. Still, if you want a PvE God Roll, here are the Rolls you should be targeting:

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake (+25 Recoil, +10 Handling)
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell (+15 Reload Speed, +5 Stability)
  • Trait #1: Surplus (PvE perks for this weapon are non-existent in this column)
  • Trait #2: Vorpal Weapon (The only good PvE perk here)
  • Stock: Short-Action Stock (+15 Handling)
  • Masterwork: Handling/Reload Speed (Try to prioritize Handling)
  • Mod: Major Spec/Boss Spec

Those were the God Rolls for the Mercurial Overreach. Now, let’s take a look at how you can get the weapon.

How to get Mercurial Overreach in Destiny 2

As I said earlier, this weapon is the new Competitive Mode reward. This means you will have to play Competitive Crucible to get this weapon. If you have already done your quest to get you comp ranking placement, then you just need to play three Competitive matches. However, if you haven’t played Competitive ever, then you will have to complete your Competitive Placement quest from Lord Shaxx, and they play three matches to get the Mercurial Overreach.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023

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