Marvel’s Avengers – Game looks Blurry – How to fix

Marvel’s Avengers blurry graphics fix – Is the graphics of Marvel’s Avengers appearing blurry to you? Here is how to fix it.

Marvel’s Avengers – Game looks Blurry – How to fix

A lot of PC users might have already noticed by now that the textures of Marvel’s Avengers appear to be blurry at some instances. And the problem doesn’t go away even with all the video settings set to the highest possible quality.

Every time there is a cutscene on the screen where the faces of the characters are getting zoomed in. The textures on the facial features are appearing extremely blurry.

Considering how high the system requirements for this game are, this is actually disappointing. People who are playing this game on 4k resolution might not notice any difference. But people who are on 1080p monitors are really experiencing the blurriness. So is there a fix?

How to fix the blurriness

Fortunately, there is a fix and it requires you to disable just a single setting in the video settings menu. And the best part is, many users have already confirmed that this fix works.

A Steam user called Seth has already posted about this issue on the official Steam discussions page of Marvel’s Avengers. Here is the link to the post if you want to check it out.

All you have to do is turn off the Depth of Field setting and you should be good to go. I haven’t tried this fix personally but it is easy to tell that this is a working fix as the user himself, who had posted about this, confirmed it. Setting Anti-aliasing to anything other than TAA can also make the game a lot sharper. You would have to deal with jagged edges though.

Also, I would recommend that you turn off Motion Blur. The motion blur in this game is not the best I have seen and might sometimes cause fast movements to appear blurry.

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Last Updated on September 5, 2020

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