Little Nightmares 2 – All Hat Locations

Little Nightmares 2 Hat Location – This guide will tell you about the locations of all the Hats that are present in Little Nightmares 2.

Locations of All the Hats in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 all hats

Location – Forest

Hat #1

Head into the hunters house, but instead of going straight to the basement, head forwarder than take a left. You will find yourself in the Hunters front room. (Hat will be in the middle of the room.)

Hat #2

You will find the second hat inside a cage after the bridge Six helps you to climb. You will see a hanging Cage, reach it by climbing the other cages that are lying around and jump on to the hanging cage, The cage should fall, and you can now grab the hat.

Location – School

Hat #3

In front of the school there is a big garbage can, you will find the hat inside it. (It resembles a ball)

Hat #4

Inside the Library, move the ladder to the middle shelf, there you will see a small tin can.

Location – Hospital

Hat #5

Head to the room next to the x-ray room and climb the far right shelf, on top you will find a bear head.

Hat #6

Head over to the morgue room where you get the key, and to the left of the table open the cabinet. There you should find the bandages hat.

Location – City

Hat #7

Inside the large letter room with the hanging light, instead of going right towards the second TV, go left underneath. The hat will be lying right there in the vent.

Hat #8

Head over to shopping cart room. Move the shopping cart, not down, but to the left towards the outer shelf. Place it where you can jump on the shelf. You will find the hat on the top left shelf, when you first enter the shopping cart room.

Hat #9

Complete the game and you should get it

Hat #10

The Tenth Hat is a Pre-order only hat. If you didn’t pre-order the game then there is no way of getting it.

Nome DLC Exclusive

Hat #11

A Gnome will lead you to Hat #11 in the hunter’s attic.

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Last Updated on February 12, 2021

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