Is WWE 2K23 on Game Pass?

WWE 2K23 game pass – If you are someone who likes to give the game a try before they buy it and is thinking of this with the all-new WWE 2K23, too, the idea, and also hoping to get it on Xbox Game Pass would be like a dream come true. Although the Xbox game pass includes a lot of sports games, is there hope that WWE 2K23 would also be there, or would you have to grind all the way up to the Ruthless aggression pack?

Let us give it a swan dive from the top rope and find out if we’d be jumping right in the ring or if we might just have to wait out for some time. Here is all that you need to know about whether or not WWE 2K23 will be on game pass or not. Keep reading to find out!

WWE 2K23 on Game Pass

Can you get WWE 2K23 on game pass?

Like the previous releases, WWE 2K23 sadly will not be available on Xbox Game Pass. Adding onto this, there is not even a Trial for you to test out the game. So, the only option remaining is to try out the versions that are available. To our relief, the Xbox Smart Delivery will work for the game. So if you plan to jump right into the game on your Xbox Series X, you do have the option to retain the copy that you have already bought.

If you are still unsure about buying the game, know two things. Firstly, it is a title contender, and secondly, there are great upgrades done to the previous WWE 2K22, all ranging from the improved MyRise to the return of the Advanced Creation Suite to the Franchise. So if you were a fan of the WWE 2K22, your purchase would be worth it.

When you consider the scene regarding sports titles, it seems as if these games perhaps eventually come to the platform of the Game pass after a few years of their release. So, it is possible that WWE 2K23 too might come, maybe in the year 2025. Until then, if you want to play the game, you have to purchase it to become the King or the Queen of 2K23’s Ring.

That is all there is to know if WWE 2K23 will be on Game pass or not.

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Last Updated on March 23, 2023

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