Is there a New Monument Coming to Rust in 2023?

Rust is an online-only survival multiplayer game that first made its debut in December 2013 in early access. Pretty tough to believe that it’s been ten years in the first place, however, the community just loves how the game has evolved into what it is today. The game is available on multiple platforms, including console, windows, macOS, and some others. 

Rust is the picture-perfect definition of “enjoy the journey and not the result.” The game has no beginning and no end. You spawn in, you loot, and you basically do whatever you can in order to survive. You’re stranded with a team or alone on an island with a bunch of other players hungry for blood. The number one rule in Rust states that “You cannot trust anyone”. 

There’s PvP, PvE, and Role-play, however, the ultimate goal still rests on Surviving! The servers usually have a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly wipe, which resets your progress, and you got to start from the very beginning once again!

What should you expect from Rust in 2023?

With the news of Hapis-island being retired completely as of February 2023, Facepunch has revealed a bunch of new stuff that’s upcoming for this year. For instance, there’ll be newer weapons, more monuments being introduced, as well as a new DLC that’ll include some building block skins. All in all, the players will receive some pretty great news very soon!

One of the monuments we’re going to be covering via this article is the Missile Silo, which is a 3-year-old idea that was dropped on rust-nolt. Whether Facepunch would be pursuing the same idea or making some key changes is still pretty unclear as of right now. Whatever comes out as a result, though, will be pretty interesting for sure. Here’s a bit about the Missile Silo Monument (a rough idea):

Rads, rads, rads. There might be some extra radiation that you’ll need to find a solution for, in order to get access to more loot. A nuke has been misfired in the area and has thus resulted in the creation of a monument that’s lootable, of course. The deeper you head into the monument, the more loot you’ll have access to. There’ll be some unfriendly scientists (AIs) waiting for you on the other side, though! Another theory that’s been applied to this idea is that the monument would be spawned in snow areas only, as the sulfur in the area has been used to craft the rockets that were in use. 

Now, whether Facepunch decides to build the monument this way or not, only time can tell. Hold on, though. There’s more! 

“Industrial Progress in Rust”

The game will be force-wiped by Facepunch in a few hours as of the time of writing this article, and this particular update allows players to automate their bases like never before!

There’ll, of course, be some more bug fixes and some minor additions to the game, but industrial pipes will have some next-level usage. For instance, the Industrial Pipes will now have to go through closed doors in order to be usable. These pipes would allow players to automate Crafting, Smelting, and Transferring items from one place to another. Sounds pretty tough, right? 

That’s all we had on the new upcoming monument and major updates in the game Rust in 2023. There’ll be more though! Stay tuned to Frondtech for more such articles for the game Rust and many more!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

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