Iron Valiant Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Iron Valiant Location Violet – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released on 18th of November 2022, the games have been released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

The games have been developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bring forth the ninth generation of pokemon games for fans!

As with previous sequels to the Pokemon series, every game has exclusive pokemon meaning you can only get those in that specific game.

Pokemon Scarlet has Roaring moon, while on the other hand, Pokemon Violet has Iron Valiant. In this article by Frondtech, we’ll be covering Iron Valiant’s location (where you could find Iron Valiant). Here it is:

Iron Valiant Location in Scarlet and Violet

Iron Valiant has lightsabers and a futuristic design (the Paradox Gardevoir), most of the pokemon have an old-fashioned style, which differs Iron Valiant from the pack.

It’s quite a pokemon to have. Another thing to note is that it’ll only be available to you post-game. That’ll require you to complete the game. 

Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll get access to research stations in Area Zero. This location is at the top-left of the map and is quite hard to miss.

Area Zero Research Station - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are hidden caves in the area, and in only one of them will you be able to encounter Iron Valiant.

  1. Head to the research station located in Area One, which is on the northwest side of the Great Crater. 
  2. Head into the Research Station and interact with the projector situated in the exact center of it.
  3. Scroll through and select Research Station No.3.
    Research Station 3 in Area Zero
  4. Once you have successfully teleported, exit the building, and you will see a massive cave in front of you.
  5. You don’t have to go inside that cave. Instead, you will have to take the left route.
    Route to Iron Valiant Location
  6. Keep going until you find a huge tree. Search the rocks on the left side of the tree.
  7. You’ll see a gap between two rocks. This is the entryway towards the cave where Iron Valiant can be found.
    Entrance to the cave where Iron Valiant is located
  8. This is the cave where Iron Valiant spawns.
  9. Go inside the cave and explore it thoroughly.
  10. Head into the cave till you reach the grass terrain with a waterfall, where you’ll spot Iron Valiant.
    Iron Valiant Location - Pokemon Violet
  11. There are also cases where there are other pokemon in there but no signs of Iron Valiant; make sure you defeat them and visit later for Iron Valiant to spawn. 

That’s all there is to know about Iron Valiant’s location in Pokemon Violet.

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

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