How to win a game quickly in Bloodhunt – Tips and Tricks

Bloodhunt Tips and Tricks – Blood hunt is a game that is developed and published by SharkMob. It is a free to play Battle Royale game based on tabletop role-playing. The early access was initially released for Windows last year on September 7th 2021. The game is mainly set on the rooftops of Prague. The events in the game unfold as war broke out between the different sectors of the Vampire and the second inquisition became involved in it.

If you are looking to become the last vampire standing in this ruthless battle royale game then you would have to prowl the streets of Prague and continue looting, fighting and feeding the other vampires while using the cloaking technique called the Masquerade. These five tips and tricks are going to help you in finishing and winning a Bloodhunt battle Royale match quickly and easily.

Tips and Tricks to Win in Bloodhunt

These are the five tips and tricks that we think would be the best to win your matches quickly.

Feed on the Mortals

Feed on the Mortals

Feeding on the mortals normally grants you health, but certain mortals grant blood resonance bonuses as well. There are 5 different types of Blood resonance bonuses.

  • Potent – Grants you an extra life in Solo Modes
  • Melancholic – Reduces the Archetype Power cooldown
  • Phlegmatic – Reduces the Clan Power cooldown
  • Choleric – Increases Melee damage
  • Sanguine – Increases Melee damage

Normally you would start with 3 blood resonance slots. If you want to have an additional slot, then either feeding on a downed enemy or an Entity hunter NPC will grant an extra blood resonance slot. The maximum limit of the resonance slots is 12.

Scan the Surroundings

Use your special abilities like Heightened senses to scan the area and highlight the nearby enemies and mortals. The type of blood resonance the mortals carry will also be shown when you are using your advanced heightened senses so that you can feed on them. This tip is extremely useful if you are looking for a specific type of buff.

Evade the Bloodhunt

bloodhunt quick tips

Whenever you are on a killstreak i.e. feeding on mortals will trigger a Bloodhunt. When that happens, you will be visible to all of your enemies even through walls. This is a short term effect that lasts for a very limited amount of time. Make sure you are moving and stay highly alert when the Bloodhunt is active.

Grab all the Loot

lootvan in bloodhunt

To survive you need to have a proper supply of ammunition, guns, armours and consumables. There is loot scattered all across the map, but there are certain areas on the map where that contain valuable resources.

Tailor Store For Weapons and Armor
Antique Store For Melee Weapons
Entity These Entity Strongboxes contain rare weapons like a Mini-gun.
Pharmacy Store For Blood bags and syringes

The Entity strongboxes are guarded by the NPC Entity hunters with higher-level armor, and they are one of the most aggressive factions. Eliminating them or feeding on them doesn’t trigger a blood hunt and keep a note that they attack and move around in a group so make sure to quickly finish them off if you are after the rare Mini-gun. There are Camarilla Caches that can be found in the Kindred Havens and those caches contain rare weapons with a chance to get either a legendary assault rifle or a Silent Submachine gun.

Also, keep an eye on the Lootvans on the streets. The Police vans contain armor, ammo, blood bags etc. while the orange vans contain guns.

Run and hide

At times, it is better to run away and disengage rather than fight. Judge each engagement and the basis of those circumstances consider using your weapons and dealing damage with the abilities as well, but you have to also make sure how many consumables you have and how much damage the enemies deal to you and if you find yourself in a tight situation, don’t hesitate to run away and hide. This is a very fast-paced game with plenty of movement skills, teammate revives and lots of scrambling up and down the buildings. Try maintaining communication with your team so that it will help you figure out who holds the advantage.

So this was all about the five tips and tricks are going to help you in finishing and winning a Bloodhunt battle Royale match quickly and easily.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Bloodhunt guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

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