How to use Split-screen in F1 22

F1 22 split screen – Let’s say you’ve got a buddy come over, and he challenges you to a best-lap time reward in F1 22. You’re both in the same room, you’ve got one single console or PC, now, how could you both play at once?

If this is the situation you’re facing, the game has included certain multiplayer features, among which is the old school Split-Screen.

Split Screen gaming has been around for years now, from the old times when there were consoles (*cough mitashi cough*) that said they had 999 games included in them, to this date itself.

This actually makes a lot of things easier, more games should include this, makes the game even more fun to play when you could do so with your buddies challenging them to different sorts. 

Getting back to the point, this is quite easy to achieve, to be honest, via this article we at Frondtech will guide you as to how you can use Splitscreen in F1 22 to play with a friend who’s come over.

Let’s get one thing straight though, you’re going to be needing two controllers, even on PC to get the best experience from this, there might be workarounds, but we suggest you have another controller handy.

F1 22 Split-screen

How to use Split-screen in F1 22

All you got to do to enter into the multiplayer split-screen mode is firstly to head over to the main menu or the home menu. Now, search for the multiplayer tab and select it, finally, you’ll see a split-screen option.

Although this isn’t where it ends, you might need a little more guidance, and we’ve got you covered :D.

Player 2 will be instructed to join the game by pressing the Option Button on a PlayStation console or the Menu Button on an Xbox once, of course, player 1 has chosen the split-screen option.

Player 1 must now choose the course, and Player 2 will then get to pick the vehicle and the driver.

After the aforementioned steps are complete, Player 1 can adjust the “Assist” choices and choose other race options such as weather, time of day, etc. Once you’re done, smash “Start Event.”

Player 2 will then have the opportunity to modify the Assists settings after that. To start the race, he must also click “Start Event.” Once both of them click “Start Event,” the race finally starts and you guys are in! It’s done, nothing else to do, just be sure to give your best, and good luck!

So that was how you could play in Split-screen, the old school way, ah, man those days *nostalgia hits*. Cya all in the next one!

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing problems with the game, try checking out our other guides on F1 22. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on July 3, 2022

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