How to use Grenades properly in Saints Row 2022

The new Saints Row 2022 game features Hand Grenades that you can use to wreak havoc around the city. You can destroy cars and different objects and blow up enemies, and because it is an explosive fire weapon, it immediately shreds everything in its proximity. Hand Grenades are fun to use in the game and extremely good for crowd control.

We have been waiting for a decent Saints Row game after Saints Row The Third for ages, and it’s already here. Saints Row 2022 Reboot was published by Deep Silver and developed by Volition. The game got mixed negative and positive reviews, but we are having a great time at Santo Ileso.

The game is pretty similar to GTA in a lot of ways. You can run around the city committing crimes and destroying everything. You will also be able to do jobs to earn money. This action-adventure game is available on all platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Google Stadia, and the PC.

As we said, using hand grenades properly in the game will elevate your skill to control when multiple swarms of enemies appear. Using the grenades to damage cars, and being an explosive weapon, if used correctly, can change the tide of any fight.

If you are playing the game along with a friend, you can ask them to cover you while he shoots at the enemies so that you can take your time to properly aim and throw the grenades towards your enemies to take them out. So this article will guide you on how to use grenades properly in Saints Row 2022.

How to use Grenades properly in Saints Row 2022

To use Grenades in Saints Row 2022, you will first have to make a little bit of progress in the game to unlock the skill needed. Once you get the skill, you can equip the grenades in open skill slots in your arsenal. Remember that you can use the grenades only if you have the proper amount of Flow.

frag out skill

You should follow these steps to use grenades properly in Saints Row 2022.

  1. First and foremost, you need to reach level 7 in the game.
  2. Unlock the Skill called the “Frag Out” to enable the throwing of hand grenades.
  3. Once you have unlocked the skill, you can equip it by accessing your phone and heading to the Skills app.
  4. Select the Skill and assign it to one of the four available skill slots.
  5. Assign the skill by holding the Interact button.
  6. Remember that you will need one Flow bar each time you use the grenades, so make sure you earn enough Flow in the game by engaging with the enemies.

So this is how you should properly use Grenades in Saints Row 2022.

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Last Updated on August 25, 2022

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