How to Use Auto Run in Lost Ark

Lost Ark autorun – After being exclusive to the gamers of South Korea, Lost Ark is finally available to people of NA and EU. The game falls under a genre called MMOARPG, but it offers the typical MMORPG experience. Farming and looting, raiding with Friends, PvP, PvE, increasing item level. Plenty of stuff to experience in Lost Ark. Apart from the 2.5D graphics, a lot of the aspects in the game, are quite similar to Amazon Games’ MMORPG from 2021, New World. But, there is a huge difference between these titles, as Lost Ark is free-to-play, and New World isn’t.

Apart from some server issues, and some minor technical hiccups, the game has had a smooth release so far. By the way, if you are someone who is also experiencing server issues and lag, try checking the status of the server you are playing on.

Anyway, in this article, I will be focusing on how to auto run in Lost Ark. I saw a lot of players are talking about it, and most of them doesn’t seem to have any idea about whether you can use auto run in the game, or not. And I don’t blame them. Games like Lost Ark can be pretty annoying sometimes, as you have to constantly click your mouse to move, and using WASD is not an option. I know several people, who have actually broken plenty of mice while playing click-to-move games.

So, can you activate auto run in Lost Ark?

How to Use Auto Run in Lost Ark

The answer is, yes. You can use autorun in Lost Ark. All you have to do is press T on your keyboard, and you will activate auto run. You will get a message on your screen saying “Auto Move activated.”

Lost Ark how to activate auto run

And that is all you have to do. Now just click in the direction you want your character to head over, and you will keep on moving until you get blocked by any obstacle. “Auto Move” or auto run works when you are riding your mount, as well.

The autorun will get deactivated if you initiate any action. That includes attacking, using abilities, interact with people or objects, etc. In that case, you will have to press T again.

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Last Updated on February 16, 2022

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