How to unlock Ultimate difficulty level in Spiderman Remastered

The all-new Spider-Man Remastered for PC is developed by Insomniac games. The game is made possible with the collaboration of Marvel. Although the game was already released earlier on the PlayStation, the new Remastered version would include ray-traced graphics, a couple of new graphical upgrades, and ultrawide support.

This game has been optimized for PC by Nixxes Software, and you will be experiencing Spider-Man battling the most iconic villains in the Marvel universe.

The game also reflects how Peter Parker is trying to balance his personal life and career when the world’s fate lies on his shoulders.

The game comes with four stages of difficulty levels that you are allowed to toggle once you start with the game. So this guide is all about the difficulty levels, how much each of those levels is different, and also we will guide you on which one you should start with to have the best experience.

There is also a 5th difficulty level in the game, which we will show you how to unlock if you are really up for a serious challenge.

Spider-Man PC Difficulty Guide

Spiderman Remastered PC Difficulty Guide

There are four stages of difficulty in the game plus a bonus difficulty.

Difficulty Difficulty Level Difference
Friendly Neighborhood This is the easiest of all the levels, and the enemies will take more time between attacks, and their damage output is also less.

This level is the most forgiving player of all.

Friendly This is slightly complicated but not much. The enemies will have a little more damage output and take lesser time between their attacks.

This level is faster than the previous one but will also be a walk in the park for amateur players.

Amazing The amazing difficulty settings are the normal settings. It is the best when it comes to first-time players.

Even though the step-up is not much from the friendly settings, the damage output is good, and the enemy aggression can be felt, reflecting that you will be losing out on health soon.

You will mainly depend on dodging or swinging away during those heavy attacks.

Spectacular The Specatular difficulty, also known as the Hard difficulty settings, brings steps up the game, and now the enemies have more aggression.

The damage output is also going to be high. This setting has a huge difference gap from the prior Amazing Settings.

You will face loss of health quickly while having difficulty regaining back.

Ultimate This is the final and the most difficult of all the levels. This difficulty setting is only for people who have mastered the art of playing Spider-Man, and you need to have a detailed knowledge of game mechanics to experience this game at its best.

The New Game Plus feature with the Ultimate difficulty will let you bring all the upgrades you have made in the main storyline and will add up to your survival.

The enemies cannot be taken down with a single or dual hit; especially gun attacks and other armed enemies will give you a hard time if you are unfamiliar with advanced dodging in the game.

What is the Recommended Difficulty level in Spider-Man Remastered

We recommend starting with the Amazing Difficulty as it is the standard difficulty concerning other games and is the best difficulty level, to begin with.

It is neither way too easy as the friendly settings nor as hard as the Ultimate or Spectacular settings. The Amazing difficulty level also affects the enemy’s aggression, speed, and damage, and this setting will help a new player learn the game properly.

If you feel the Amazing Difficulty level is a little overboard for you, you can quickly tone it down from the Settings menu under the Game tab.

How to unlock the Ultimate difficulty level in Spider-Man Remastered

You will be able to complete the ultimate difficulty level after completing the entire game. The game completion also opens a new Game Plus, and you can replay the game at the ultimate difficulty in the new game plus mode.

Remember, without completing the game; you will be limited to the two friendly settings, unique and spectacular.

So this was all about how to unlock the ultimate difficulty level in Spider-Man Remastered.

If you think this guide has helped, let us know in the comment section below. And for more Spider-Man Remastered guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on August 13, 2022

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