How to Unlock Red Tiger Camo in Modern Warfare 2

Red Tiger Camo MW2 – Red Tiger Camo is one of the coolest-looking skins you can apply to your weapon. The skin featured in COD MW Remastered COD Black Ops didn’t appeal much because of the dull red-black combination. The new Red Tiger Camo in MW2 looks fantastic, and right now, it is more popular than the Blue Tiger Camo.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022 is a First-Person Shooter game published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward. This year, the game is loaded with new graphics, weapons, better gameplay mechanics, and new modes you can play and have fun with.

It is a sequel to Call of Duty Modern Warfare I that was released in 2019 and is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and X. The last installment, Call of Duty Vanguard, received a lot of negative criticism, but this year, Infinity Ward made a comeback with this year’s game, and we have been having a great time playing it since launch!

The Red Tiger Camo is one of the most popular patterns from Call of Duty Modern Warfare I, which came out in 2019, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4, released in 2018. Earlier, getting your hands on such a weapon skin was pretty challenging, and you had to grind a lot to get this. But Infinity Ward this year has eased the techniques of getting these unique camouflage skins for your weapons in MW2. The skin is solid black with red lateral stripes all over, just like the patterns on the body of a Tiger.

So this article will guide you on how to get Red Tiger Camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

How to Unlock Red Tiger Camo in Modern Warfare 2

red tiger camo in mw2

To unlock the Red Tiger Camo or Skin, you must reach at least Level 20 with the Kastov 762.

The Kastov 762 is an assault rifle you need to use and level up to 20. Once you have reached the required level, you will be able to unlock the in-game challenge, where you will need to take down enemies with a definite number of headshots.

All you need to do is take down enemies with 150 headshots with the Kastov 762 assault rifle, which will unlock the Red Tiger Camouflage for SMGs, LMGs and Snipers.

You must also headshot 100 times with a shotgun to get the Red Tiger Shotgun Camo in COD MW2. Although, the Red Tiger Skin is not so effective when hiding from enemies, mainly because of its striking red appearance.

You can also use the Cage Match mode to unlock the Red Tiger Camo in COD MW2 because Cage matches are said to be the headshot boosting mode.

Most players exploit the Cage Match mode in COD to quickly get the Red Tiger Camo. But we suggest you try out real matches and improve your skills while you are on the mission to unlock the Red Tiger Camo.

The Red Tiger Camo in COD MW2 resembles the Tigerstrike Camouflage that was earlier used by the Vietnamese and US troops during the Vietnam War.

Remember, this is the second last camo that you can unlock, followed by the Fall Camouflage, which opens after the Red Tiger Skin.

The challenges will help you unlock new Camos for the different weapons in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game

This is the same for unlocking the base camos, where the gun must complete specific challenges. During the launch, there were around 180 Base Camos, and more will be coming up as the developer releases more content for the game. Remember that you can only unlock the mastery camos after you have completed all the base camos.

So this was all about how to get the Red Tiger Camo/skin in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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Last Updated on November 2, 2022

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