How to unlock Professional Mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The latest Resident Evil 4 Remake boasts about its 12–20 hours of playthrough duration. This depends on whatever game mode you choose. If you have simply speed-ran through the game, then we recommend that you do try on the game’s Professional mode too. Although a lot of players have chosen or, let’s say, settled for the Standard or the Hardcore modes, playing the game in the Professional mode can surely get you a few unique unlockables like the Chicago Sweeper.

So what exactly is the Professional mode, and how do you unlock it? The following guide covers the answer to this, keep reading!

Unlocking the Professional mode in RE4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Professional Mode

You can simply unlock the professional mode by firstly completing the game at least once on any difficulty mode that you want. This basically would make your priority be completing the campaign missions. You can choose either a fresh start or select the NewGame+ mode.

The professional mode is a level up from the other modes that you would have previously played the game in, with the professional mode having additional changes and more difficulties. However, on the other hand, you can unlock a few unlockables and perks in this mode.

The Professional mode in RE4 Remake explained

The RE 4 Remake’s Professional mode has quite a bit of difference in its difficulty and the gameplay mechanics too. One major change would be that you won’t have the option of Autosave at your disposal. So you will have to rely on the Typewriters and save the game manually. However, if you are aiming for the S+ rank, we suggest that you do keep a check on your saves.

In this mode, Parrying will also be limited to Perfect Parries only, with fewer options of close range. So, you must be very accurate and precise all the time. With a few tries, you will surely improve your skills too.

The best part about the Professional mode is that you will have access to all Weapon Modifications from the beginning. Although, if you have gone with the NewGame+ mode, weapon mods will be available anyway. Although, it can surely give you that early advantage against the monsters and parasites.

Lastly, you can, in this mode, unlock and even buy a variety of unlockables. As for the players wanting to buy the Chicago Sweeper, you can also do that in this mode. Check out our guide on how to get the Chicago Sweeper in RE4 Remake.

That sums up all there is to know about how to unlock Professional Mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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Last Updated on April 4, 2023

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