How to Unlock Lightfall Artifact in Destiny 2 Season 21

Season 21 artifact Destiny 2 – Season 21 or Season of The Deeps is finally here in Destiny 2, and with it has arrived an enormous load of exciting new content. There are new exotics, new weapons, a brand Dungeon, new Strand Aspects, and many more. But one of the first things that people wonder about as soon as a new Season arrives in Destiny 2, is the Seasonal Artifact.

Just like the previous seasons, Season 21 also has an artifact. It is common knowledge that the game doesn’t give you access to the Artifact immediately after you start the game. It is up to you to unlock it.

So, the main question is how to get the Season 21 Artifact in Destiny 2. Keep reading to get the full information.

How to Unlock Lightfall Artifact in Destiny 2 Season 21

You will get the S21 artifact after you complete the first mission, The Descent. As soon as you start Destiny 2 after downloading the Season 21 update, you will be directly sent to Titan for the first mission of the season, The Descent, where your first job will be to “Follow the signal”. Follow the waypoint, and beat whatever that comes in your way.

Basically, you will have to:

  1. Beat a lot of Taken.
  2. Capture (silence some War Totems).
  3. Fight Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath.
    Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath
  4. Allign a few signals.
  5. Dive underwater.
  6. Talk to Drifter.
  7. Dive underwater again (Tip: Grab the bubbles to increase Pressure Resistance).
  8. Talk to Sloane (A cutscene will play).
  9. Listen to Zavala, Drifter, and Sloane talk.
  10. Once the conversation is done, take the Blue Portal behind you.
    Take the Blue Portal - Into the Descent
  11. You will arrive at the Vanguard Orbital Command.
  12. Interact with the console (Sonarstation) located to the left of the portal you just came through.
    Sonarstation in Destiny 2
  13. Sloane’s Hologram will speak to you.
  14. You will finally get the Season 21 artifact called, NPA Repulsion Regulator.
    How to unlock Season 21 Artifact in Destiny 2
  15. You will also get the Into the Depths quest.

Destiny 2 Season 21 Artifact Mods

Here are the mods for the NPA Repulsion Regulator once you unlock the Artifact:
Season 21 Artifact Mods

Column 1

  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
  • Overload Scout Rifle
  • Overload Trace Rifles
  • Unstoppable Glaive

Column 2

  • Authorized Mods: Arc
  • Authorized Mods: Void
  • Authorized Mods: Strand
  • Authorized Mods: Melee
  • Technicolor Siphon

Column 3

  • Improve Unraveling
  • Deeper Origins
  • Unto The Breach
  • Electric Armor
  • Thunderous Retort

Column 4

  • Strand Soldier
  • Overcharged Armory
  • Protective Breach
  • Counter Charge
  • Amped Up

Column 5

  • Conductive Cosmic Needle
  • Shock And Awe
  • Supernova
  • Squad Goals
  • Lightning Strikes Twice

So this is how to get NPA Repulsion Regulator Artifact in Destiny 2 Season of Deep.

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

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