How To Unlock Izanami Forge in Destiny 2

Bungie has released the third update for the Black Armory DLC in Destiny 2. You can get the patch notes from here. This update brought a lot of stuff but the main attraction of this update is definitely access to the new forge that is the Izanami Forge. Unlocking the Izanami Forge will give you access to the new Black Armory Bow and the Pulse Rifle. Here are the steps unlock the Izanami Forge in Destiny 2:

How To Unlock Izanami Forge in Destiny 2

Obtain Vex Transponder

You can go to Artifact’s Edge and you will find plenty of Vex wandering around there. You can even go for the Lost Sector “The Orrery” that is located on the top side of Artifact’s Edge.

Kill 100 Vex

You can keep on doing exactly what you were doing to Obtain the Vex Transponder. You can easily get 100 Vex kills on Artifact’s Edge.

Complete Heroic Public Event in the Hallows “Spire Integration”

Head to Hallows in Nessus and wait for the Spire Integration Public Event. Now in order to make the public event heroic you need to stand on the 3 circular Vex Platforms.

Kill 20 Minotaurs

You can easily get 20 Minotaurs to spawn if you keep on doing these Spire Integration public events. Just make sure you make the event heroic every time as the heroic version the public event spawns more minotaurs.

Complete the mission “Rekindle The Flames”

Open your Destinations map and click on Nessus. You will see that a new mission called “Rekindle The Flames” has popped up. Just track the activity head to it and start it.

Return to Ada-1

Return to Ada. She will now require you to complete 3 Heroic Public Events in order to obtain Fallen Component, Hive Essence and Vex Module. Here is how you can obtain these:

  • Complete Glimmer Extraction (Heroic) Public Event for Fallen Component
  • Complete Witches Ritual (Heroic) Public Event for Hive Essence
  • Spire Integration (Heroic) Public Event for Vex Module

Collect Blended Ether, Condensed Blights and Radiolarian Vapor to repower the Izanami Igniter

You need obtain 3 components to complete this step. Here is how you can obtain the components:

Blended Ether: Get Precision Multi-kills on Fallen

Condensed Blights(collect 5): Go to Aphix Conduit Lost Sector and kill the Taken Blight 5 times. Usually only 1 will spawn, so run out each time to refresh the Lost Sector.

Radiolarian Vapor Collected: You can find the Mission located next to Cistern on Nessus (you can track it via the Forge Emblem on it).

Complete the Volundr Forge to repower the Izanami Igniter

This step is pretty straight forward. Just head over to EDZ and do a Volundr Forge.

Return Igniter to Ada-1

Return to Ada-1 on the Tower.

Complete Advanced Version of the mission “The Insight Terminus” on Nessus

Open your Destinations map and you will see that another mission with the Forge logo on it has popped up. Just head to The Tangled and start it up. At the end of this mission you will receive a Cabal Component from the boss to fully repair the Izanami Igniter.

Complete the Final Izanami Forge Quest on Nessus

Now it is time to finally reignite the Izanami Forge. Just head over to Nessus and start the quest. In this mission a Hydra will appear that you will have to destroy. He has a shield around him with two orbs on either side of his shield that you can shoot to rotate the barrier to allow you to do damage to it.

Return to Ada-1

Return to Ada and she will give you a Bow Frame and full access to the Izanami Forge

That is all you need to do in order to unlock the Izanami Forge. And it will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete the whole process.



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Last Updated on May 9, 2021

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