Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer Missions Guide – How to unlock Feeling Rusty

Looking to unlock Feeling Rusty in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019? Don’t worry we got you.

Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer Missions Guide – How to unlock Feeling Rusty

What is Feeling Rusty in COD MW 2019

Feeling Rusty is a Submachine Gun or SMG of the Purple or Epic rarity in COD Modern Warfare 2019. It is the final reward that you get after completing the Multiplayer Mission called ‘Perks of the Job‘. This SMG has to be one of the best SMGs that you can get in the game. The weapon has pretty good range and fire rate. At times it almost feels like an Assault Rifle. You can take down down opponents at Point Blank and as well as medium range with ease. Pair Feeling Rusty with a Marksman Rifle using the Overkill perk and you will have an awesome time in almost every mode.

How to unlock or get the Feeling Rusty in COD MW 2019

In order to unlock the Feeling Rusty you need to first activate the Multiplayer mission called Perks of the Job. If you don’t know how to activate a Multiplayer mission then you can check our guide here. Here are all the objectives that you need complete:

Objective 1

Using Scavenger, resupply ammo from enemies 60 times

Rewards : 1000 XP, Re-up Charm

Objective 2

Using Shrapnel, get 35 Kills using explosives

Rewards : 2000 XP, Surprise! Spray

Objective 3

Using Ghost, get 75 Kills

Rewards : 4000 XP, Grinning Reaper Emblem

Objective 4

Using EOD, hack 15 pieces of Equipment

Rewards : 5000 XP, Jokester Sticker

Objective 5

Using Overkill, get 60 Kills with your Secondary

Rewards : 6000 XP, Welcome to the Jungle Calling card

Objective 6

Use 30 Field Upgrades

Rewards : 8000 XP, War and Peace Calling card

Objective 7

Using Kill Chain, get 25 Kills using Killstreaks

Rewards : 9000 XP, Feeling Rusty Submachine Gun

A total of 7 objectives you need to complete if you want the Feeling Rusty.

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Last Updated on October 28, 2019

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