How to turn on or enable nvidia image sharpening

Wondering how to enable Nvidia Image Sharpening on your PC? Don’t worry we got you.

How to turn on or enable Nvidia Image Sharpening

What is Nvidia Image Sharpening

Image Sharpening is a brand new feature that the company is now providing for the Nvidia Graphics Card users. This feature when turned on enhances the details of the scenes inside games. The name is pretty self explanatory, Image Sharpening.

If you are having some problem regarding the Anti-aliasing of a game which is causing the game to look blurry. Then Image Sharpening can actually help you to make the visuals clearer.

How to enable or turn of Image Sharpening

Here are the steps to enable Nvidia Image Sharpening:

  • Download the latest Nvidia v441.08 Geforce Game Ready Diver
  • Install it
  • Open Nvidia Control Panel
  • Click on Manage 3D Settings
  • On the very top of the list you will notice the feature Image Sharpening
  • Turn it On
  • You can also adjust the intensity of the sharpness with the help of the sliders

And that is how you can turn on Nvidia Image Sharpening on you PC.

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Last Updated on October 30, 2019

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