How to transfer Cargo to Loading bay in Dead Space Remake

Transfer Cargo to Loading Bay – Dead Space Remake features the same storyline as the original game, with 12 chapters. The missions get difficult as you make progress through the main storyline. Since this game is also based on exploration, so you need to defeat all the enemies and solve puzzles as you complete each obstacle. One such puzzle you might face while moving the Marker to the Loading bay in Chapter 11 of Dead Space Remake 2023.

So this article will guide you on how to transfer Cargo to Loading Bay in Chapter 11 of Dead Space Remake.

How to transfer Cargo to Loading bay in Dead Space Remake

How to transfer Marker to Loading bay in Dead Space Remake

To transfer the marker to the Dead Space Remake loading bay, you must go to the Cargo Control Panel. As soon as you reach, interact with it, and you will get started with the objective.

First, you need to wait for the Cargo to arrive, and as soon as it arrives, defeat all the enemies as they start attacking you after hearing the noise. A warning will also trigger, which will say that the access bridge is somehow blocking the transfer, so you need to go to the bridge and interact with the Control panel as quickly as possible.

Remember that large alien tentacles attack the cargo, and you will have to have enough firepower to defeat them. You can take down those tentacles by shooting them directly at its glowing part. It is the weakest point of that creature, and attacking that area continuously will take them down easily. There will also be two tentacles that will attack you from the opposite side of the bridge. Take them down as well.

After you have defeated the aliens, get to the bridge and interact with the Control panel so that the Bridge can open and let the cargo pass through the loading bay. But as soon as you open the bridge, you will be again warned that there is an obstruction on the Cargo Rail. The obstruction will be caused by the growth, which is preventing it from moving forward. All you need to do is shoot the growth directly on the glowing area and eliminate it. It will unblock the cargo rail.

After eliminating the creature, you can interact with the control panel again to pass the cargo into the loading bay, and you will have your objective completed. Remember that the monster that attacks you will have four glowing points, i.e., four weakness points, for you to shoot and take it down as quickly as possible.

So this was all about how to Transfer cargo to the loading bay in Dead Space Remake.

About Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake is a horror action-adventure game and falls under the fictional Sci-Fi action games category. It was a remastered version of the previously released Dead Space in 2008. The new Dead Space Remake features new game mechanics, great graphical fidelity, and a lot of memories to cherish if you have played the original Dead Space game. This game is available on the PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series S/X.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2023

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