How to Trade Players in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Trade Players – NBA by 2K is back with its latest installment for the new year 2023. As well all know, NBA 2K23 is a Basketball Game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. This game comes under their famous NBA 2K Franchise, and this year, the game is loaded with better content, graphics, and gameplay.

Showcase your NBA Talents in My Career mode while pairing with the NBA Basketball Legends in the My Team mode. The game is available for purchase on all major platforms. PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

It is one of the most challenging tasks, to join the best teams in the beginning. Even though there are several teams that the players can join, however, everyone has that one team that they want to play.

You have to improve your skills gradually because if you are mediocre, you most probably cannot make it. It is only after renowned teams notice you that they offer you to join. There is still a lot of luck involved. However, there are other ways to trade players. 

How to trade players in NBA 2K23

How to Trade Players in NBA 2K23

The following ways are how you can trade in NBA 2K23, a few understandable and reasonable ways, while the last option, actually is “the last resort”.

1. Performing exceptionally well

Of course, the first and the easiest option is to play exceptionally well to attract attention and get noticed by the teams. The better you play, the more and more teams will want you to join them. There is no way a team is going to select you for anything else. To be in this race, if you are playing your first season, you have to be rookie of the year, at the very minimum.

2. Request a trade

You can request to be traded too. For this, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the menu. Head to career. Select the ‘Request a Trade’ option.
  • Once clicked, you will receive a notification three 2K days later (5 mins in real).

After doing so, you will be good to go if you have kept the above-mentioned points in mind while doing so. However, if you plan to replace a good player, you will have to work for it and prove your worth. You will have to have a minimum of 3 seasons of experience that is very well invested and be an absolute Superstar.

3. Trade for a position that a team needs rather than trading for a strong player

This is to be kept in mind. Do not pick a position that is already performing greatly in the host team. It only reduces the chances that you will get traded.

4. Play exceptionally badly

The last option that you can resort to is, of course, playing badly which players should however not follow during normal situations. By playing intentionally badly, the host team feels the urge to trade you.

However, in this case, your impression as a player gets affected, and you don’t get the liberty to choose the team that you get traded to.

That pretty much sums up all that we had on How to Trade Players in NBA 2K23. For further updates on the game, stay tuned and keep visiting us at Frondtech!

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Last Updated on September 14, 2022

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