How to Restore Health in V Rising

Stunlock Studios’ released their brand-new title V Rising, on May 17th, 2022. It’s a survival game that sets players in the shoes of the vampire who’s ready to reconstruct his/her kingdom. This adventure game is well polished, and various types of characters will make you sit straight for hours.

Mostly survival games will give you breathtaking moments and sweaty challenges right off the bat. In that respect, V Rising never disappoints you with its vampire world. While playing this action game, you should consider your health threatened by enemies. There are different methods to restore your health in V rising. With this guide, you can find the best way to restore your health.

How to Restore Health in V Rising

V Rising gives different methods to restore your health during the fight or after the match. If you’re currently playing V Rising, you may find a number of healing ways. But here, we just come up with the three best ways to restore your health. Choose your healer wisely among the three-way given below.

1. Blood Mend

Blood Mend is the easiest way to restore your health. You will be using this method the most, heal. It’s simple to use, and all you have to do is press and hold your Left Ctrl Key and then select Blood Mend. Just bring your mouse pointer on Blood Mend and let your Ctrl key go.

How to heal using Blood Mend in V Rising

One thing you need to keep in, restoring your health using Blood Mend forces your character to stop and hover until completing the heals. So, search for a safe location to utilize this skill. If you prefer speedy recovery, cancel this method by clicking the left mouse button. You will have to use this wisely because I have gotten eliminated by archers, who are shooting from outside my screen space, while I am hovering.

2. Auto Healing

If you have filled your Blood Pool generously, and it has enough blood, and if you meet any damages, auto-healing will help you to restore your health.

To trigger auto-healing, you will have to exit from any fight you are in. You have to look for a safe area, and not take any damage. Keep in mind that auto-healing increased at night compared to daytime. Don’t forget to fill your Blood Pool by hunting humans and creatures.

3. Consumables

Consumables are the best way of healing if you are in the middle of a fight, and you need some healing quickly. It doesn’t require you to get out of a fight or look for a safe spot. You can access plenty of Consumables to restore your health efficiently from the early stages to later levels. The very first consumable that you come across in the game is called Vermin Salve. There are super easy to make. To craft Vermin Salve you just need 1 Rat, 60 Plant Fibres, and 20 Bones. The Vermin Salve helps you to gain 2.5% of your maximum health every 1.5 seconds for 15 seconds, and you can craft as many as you like by pressing Tab and clicking on the Crafting tab. Another Consumable that can help you heal is the Blood Rose Brew, which helps you to earn 4% of health every 1 second to restore your health. You can find those Blood Rose Brew at loot on the camps.

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