How to Refund Diablo 4

Players seemed to be quite excited before the beta release of Diablo 4 to try the game out and see how it goes, but with the current situation being as it is, with the bunch of bugs and errors that have come forward following the release of the game, some players have decided to cancel their pre-order and opting for a refund. We do know that there will be fixes to the bugs and errors, but if you’ve made up your mind regarding opting for a refund of the game, keep reading!

The game has mixed reviews from the community, and that’s based just on the game’s beta version as of right now. If your decision to refund the game is based solely on the fact there are a bunch of errors and bugs. We suggest that you’d rather just wait it out, as it will surely be fixed eventually. The game’s currently facing these issues due to server overloads, and they can be fixed given the full release is just around the corner. There’s more to it too. Some players have raised their concerns on the fact that for a game at that particular price level, Diablo IV just doesn’t hold up very well to the player’s expectations. On top of that, there are stuttering issues and some other gameplay-related issues.

How to Refund Diablo 4
How to Refund Diablo 4

Nevertheless, some players didn’t seem to enjoy the in-game content of the game, along with the long waiting queue and some other factors. Without further ado, here’s how you can cancel the pre-order and get a refund for the game Diablo 4 (PC):

  1. Head to the official Blizzard support website by clicking on this link –
  2. Make sure that you’re logged in to the website, and then by heading onto the aforementioned page, select Diablo IV and then payments and lastly, refunds.
  3. Click on “Continue”.
  4. The site will then process your request and take you to the order selection page.
  5. Here, you’ll see the version of Diablo 4 that you’ve pre-ordered. Click on select order and just check whether the amount you’ve paid and the method you’ve paid it through is correct.
  6. Now, select/draft up the reason for which you’re refunding the game
  7. Once done, click on the request refund button that’ll be visible below.
  8. If you’ve done all of the above correctly, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the refund.

The refund will be granted to you if you meet all the basic policy requirements that Blizzard has mentioned here:

It’ll take a while for your refund to process. However, if it goes through, but you still don’t receive the amount that you initially paid for the game, compose an email to Blizzard’s Game Master, and they’ll solve this issue for you as soon as possible.

That’s everything we had on how you could refund Diablo IV. Stay tuned with us for further updates!

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on June 4, 2023

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