How to Reduce Heat Level in NFS Unbound

In NFS Unbound, cops can show up at any moment, even when you’re in a race.

What happens is that all of your cash is taken away that you have on you. You’d obviously not want this to happen especially if you have a lot of cash.

So the following guide is here for your rescue where we go over how you can reduce Heat Level and avoid getting busted.

Here are a few tips on the way you can avoid getting busted:

How to reduce Heat level in NFS Unbound

How to reduce heat level in NFS Unbound

Try to get to cover as soon as possible

At heat level 5 (the max), the police will give their best and throw everything they have at you. This means being chased by helicopters and Raptors too.

Take cover under a bridge to avoid and break the line of sight of the helicopters.

Take a Stealthy approach

With your heat level rising, your spotting meter also rises. So you’ll have to make it difficult for the cops to spot you.

Simply turning off your engine can help. Or use auxiliary gadgets to help increase your spot time. Also, look at the mini-map and try avoiding the cones. That’ll help you not get spotted by the cops.

Don’t forget to store the cash you have earned

When you take part in races, you earn a lot of cash, but it also increases the heat level. What happens is that the higher your heat level, the higher the level of cops that will come for you and be as aggressive.

Therefore, the best way is for you to head back to your garage and stash your cash. As cops only take the cash that you have on you, you’ll be lessening the risk of losing a lot.

The key is to find the balance between the heat you can manage and the money that you want to make. If you take fewer races, your heat level will be low, but it’ll also mean less money.

Make sure you are at the best-suited Difficulty Setting

If the cops are getting extremely aggressive, and you can’t handle them, then your last resort would be to head over to settings and set the difficulty settings to relaxed.

This helps reduce the cops’ chance of spotting you and also lessens their top speed.

Look for new ways to juke the cops

You will need to get innovative, as speed alone will not help you. So heading into traffic or turning into streets at the very end moment instead of simply driving fast straight. Cops will make mistakes, so take advantage of this. Make the cop’s cars bump into one another or even onto the traffic and get rid of them.

The Car you are using matters a lot

How to escape from cops in NFS Unbound

As your heat level increases, the cops will use everything they can, so it makes sense that you should also do the same. So if you have a 4×4, don’t worry. Go off-road and get rid of the cops! You can also outrun the cops if you’re riding a sports car. Simply stick to the road, hit your top speed, take the help of your nitrous, and that’s it.

If your heat level is 3, outrunning could be a little tricky, as Corvettes’ll chase you. However, it’s not impossible.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a challenge, then change the difficulty to intense. That’s all that we had on how to reduce heat levels in NFS Unbound.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more NFS Unbound guides, keep an eye on Frondtech.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

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