How to Photograph Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monksnail MHR Sunbreak – After a lot of hype and anticipation, the Monster Hunter Rise has finally released the Sunbreak Expansion that they have been teasing for a long time.

This new expansion improves upon many existing aspects while adding new and fresh content. The expansion features a new hub area called the Elgado Outpost.

The expansion brings new enemies, monsters, and a better set of missions and quests. The game also updated its camera features and introduced the all-new Switch skill swap techniques.

You will need to photograph a Monksnail as one of the sailors in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will request you for it via the quest “Giant in the Frost Islands?“. The photograph of the Monksnail will be used as proof to assure the sailor about what you saw.

But before that, you need to find a Monksnail, and for that, you need to visit a specific location in the game. So this article will guide you on how to photograph a Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monksnail Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

To find the Monksnail, you must first visit the Frost Islands. Make sure you visit the Frost Islands at night because they won’t spawn during the daytime.

Once you reach the Frost Islands, head to area 8, located in the map’s northeast part. If you have this location unlocked, you directly travel to the camp. Once you get to Frost island, swing towards the frozen ship using the Wirebug. The boat will overlook the whole region, and you must climb the mast. Reach the top of it and look towards the east. The marked location on the map shows where you need to be to find the Monksnail.

Monksnail Location in Monter Hunter Rise Sunbreak

How to take Picture of Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Once you reach the top of the mast, look towards the east, and you can spot a Monksnail. The Monksnails typically move underwater quietly and gently. Don’t wait long to visit this area as you might miss the opportunity to see it. We suggest you should do a separate expedition to find the Monksnail. Once you spot the Monksnail, take out your in-game camera and click a photo of it. Leave the area once you are done.

Monksnail Photograph in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Try spotting a Monksnail with a high expedition rank. We tried visiting the area on a lower Rank task, but unfortunately, the Monksnail didn’t spawn on us; thus, we couldn’t photograph it the first time. So we suggest you try visiting the High-Rank Frost Island as a task so that you can have a higher chance of making this Monksnail spawn.

So this was all about how to photograph a Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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Last Updated on July 6, 2022

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