How to perform Takedown in Payday 3

Takedown is an essential skill that you should learn while playing Payday 3. This handy skill helps you grab and knock out guards or civilians silently. So, if you are unsure how to perform a Takedown in Payday 3, this article might be correct.

How to perform Takedown in Payday 3

How to perform Takedown in Payday 3

To perform a takedown in Payday 3, you have to put on your mask; once you put it on, you cannot take it off, and in games like Payday 3, this is what you need to do first before even touching anyone. Follow these steps to perform a stealth takedown in Payday 3.

  1. Put on your mask and sneak behind the target.
  2. Press F to grab them as a shield
  3. You can also hold F to take the guard/enemy down.
  4. If you take down a Guard, you must first answer their radio after performing the takedown.
  5. Remember that you will have several prompts pop up on the screen, and it will indicate when to answer the radio.
  6. If you don’t do this step, you will risk getting detected by the other guards, as they might get suspicious.

Before starting with the real heists, we highly suggest you try the Crowd Control Tutorials to learn how to take down enemies silently.

What happens when you Takedown an enemy in Payday 3

Initially, nothing happens, and you will not blow your cover as long as you hide the body when no one is looking and no cameras are capturing your movement. Your cover will immediately be blown as soon as you wear your mask. So, you need to be completely silent when your mask is on. If anyone spots you with the mask, he/she will immediately alert the guards, and they will trigger the alarms.

Hence, we strongly suggest that you should always start taking down enemies from behind when you are almost at the end of your mission and put the mask on only when you do not need to pass amongst the populated areas of the game. For example, during The Wicked Heist, the game will prompt you to put the mask on when you can open the safe after taking down the executive.

However, if you are playing with a group of your friends, you can take down enemies while your friends complete the stealth job without having to blow their cover. So Takedown can be a very handy skill that you should definitely master to complete Payday 3 missions quickly.

So this was all about Taking down enemies in Payday 3.

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Last Updated on September 25, 2023

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