How to Perform Paybacks in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is finally out as the game took a big leap forward as compared to its prequel release, WWE 2K20.

This year, with the new 2K22, it seems that the extra development for the game has been paid off. The game now has so much to offer rather than just a roster update that 2K used to do every year.  This year they bought in the new game modes, simpler control scheme and much better visuals as compared to any other WWE game released so far.

With that being said, let’s talk about Paybacks. Well, Paybacks are special abilities that the WWE Superstars can use against their opponents. The Payback attacks are designed in such a way that it changes the overall momentum of the match.

As compared to the prequel, WWE 2K20 featured two levels of Payback, but the newer WWE 2K22 features only a single level and a smaller selection of special Payback abilities. The different abilities and skills work very differently as compared to the WWE 2K20, so they can no longer be assigned when you will be customizing your Superstar.

So this article will guide you on how to perform Paybacks in WWE 2K22.

What is a Payback in WWE 2K22?

The Payback in WWE 2K22 is a system that features a set of special abilities that gets unlocked during the match after you have filled up the Special meter (blue bar). The Payback attacks are designed to completely change the momentum of the game. Currently, you can assign only one payback ability, but can be easily customized from the WWE Superstar Selection menu.

How to perform Paybacks in WWE 2K22?

You can perform the paybacks once you fill-up the Special Blue Bar. This blue bar will be filled up the time when you give or receive damage.

WWE 2K22 also came with their new Control scheme and now if you want to perform a payback you have to

  • Press and Hold R2 + ∆ for PlayStation
  • Press and Hold RT + Y for Xbox One

Please note that you can perform or execute only once per match.

What are the different Payback Abilities, what does each do and when to use them?

Payback Abilities What does it do When to use the Payback ability
Resiliency You can escape a Pin, Elimination and Submission mini-game. During the WWE 2K22 Elimination Mini-game to Escape
Low Blow You can slow down your opponent, but runs a risk of getting disqualified. While kneeling, you can deliver the Low Blow to slow down your opponent
Power of the Punch Use brass knuckles to hit your opponent, but runs a risk of getting disqualified. When you are prompted to attack the opponent with the ability
Poison Mist You can spray the poison mist in your opponent’s eyes, but runs a risk of getting disqualified. When you are prompted to incapacitate your enemy temporarily
Move thief You can steal your opponent’s finisher. This ability requires one finisher point for the opponent and two special bars for your WWE superstar. You can perform this ability once you complete the requirements needed.
Run-in You can summon an ally to the ringside (valid for only 1v1 matches). You can use it when your opponent is in a downed state inside the ring
Blackout You can teleport behind your opponent to gain an advantage. You can use it when your opponent is in a downed state inside the ring, but both the superstars should be inside the ring.
Comeback You can make a comeback when damaged to change the momentum of the game. Use it when your special meter is full and your health meter is low to perform a comeback and quickly turn the tide of the game.

So this was all about how to perform Paybacks in WWE 2K22.

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Last Updated on March 12, 2022

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