How To Mute Players In Apex Legends

We can all agree to the fact that Battle Royale games can get pretty frustrating at times when you are getting killed over and over or losing easy fights. And the only thing that can make the situation worse is a teammate who is being rude or toxic on the voice chat. Normally in most of the Battle Royale games you can just mute that particular teammate with a single click. But Apex Legends is a squad based game. You have to constantly communicate with your team in order to survive.

Therefore, Respawn has not provided any option to turn off voice chat for a particular person in the settings menu. You can obviously reduce the volume of the incoming chat but that would reduce the volume for all of your teammates and you won’t be able to hear anybody. So it is not recommended.

Fortunately, there is a way to actually mute a particular teammate but you get limited time to actually do it. Here is how to mute players in Apex Legends :

How To Mute Players In Apex Legends

How To Mute Players In Apex Legends Step #1

  • Start a game of Apex Legends normally

How To Mute Players In Apex Legends Step #2

  • Once you are done with your character selection you now need to drop. Press Tab or your Inventory Button [for PS4 and Xbox players it is the Right Menu Button] when you are in your ship and you are about to drop. You would be able to do this before you have landed on the map. So make sure you are quick enough

How To Mute Players In Apex Legends Step #3

  • After pressing Tab a new screen will show up and there you will see three tabs on top. Inventory, Squad and Legend. Click on the Squad tab

How To Mute Players In Apex Legends Step #4

  • After going to Squad you will notice your character and other two characters which belong to your teammates. Below your teammates you will notice three icons. First icon or the speaker icon is Mute Voice, second is Mute Ping and third is Mute Text. Click on the Mute Voice icon

You have now successfully managed to mute that teammate who was being annoying and destroying your Apex Legends experience. Even though it is not recommended, it is better to mute some players instead of fighting with them sometimes. Bad players leave a bad taste and might change your opinion about the game you are enjoying.

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That’s all folks!

Last Updated on November 28, 2020

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