How to max out weapon mastery fast in Apex Legends

Max out Weapons in Apex Legends – Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. It was released in 2019 and still retains a massive player base because of its new content updates—a fast-paced first-person action shooter game with all the rules of a Battle Royale game.

The latest update to Apex Legends introduces for its players two things: Ballistic, a new legend and Weapon Mastery, a new weapon system. Although this system acts like character progression, it has a benefit; it allows you to level up specific weapons. This is similar to what we see in the COD games.

So it all comes down to the question: What is the best way that you can use to max out the Weapon mastery quickly in Apex Legends? And this article will help you learn how to fly through the levels of Weapon Mastery quickly. 

How to max out weapon mastery fast in Apex Legends

The only way you can quickly progress through the levels of Weapon Mastery in the game is by using that specific weapon. You can quickly level up a weapon just by having the weapon in your hand and doing the following:

  • Dealing damage
  • Getting kills
  • Completing Mastery Trials

Every 20 levels, Mastery trials will serve as an objective that will be explicitly tied to the weapon that you are using. Any weapon’s max level is 100, including the 5 Mastery trials. Once you have completed all five trials, your weapon will be officially “mastered”.

So remember to bring to your match the specific weapon you want to level up as fast as possible because the more you utilize it, the higher your chances and the faster you move on to the next level. 

How to max out weapon mastery fast in Apex Legends

Rewards and Progress of Weapon Mastery

As you make it through the various Weapon Mastery levels for any given weapon, the basic stats of your weapon, such as accuracy, handling, etc., increase. Moreover, as you progress through the ranks and complete the trials, you will get rewarded on the completion of the trials with lifetime performance trackers, weapon-specific badges, a legendary weapon apex pack, and legendary weapon mastery banner frames. 

Weapon Mastery is not the only change made to the game Apex Legends. Season 17 has various new improvements and features in store for its player. The official website of Apex Legends has the complete list of Patch notes, too, giving its players the entire understanding of what they can expect.

So this was all about the best and fastest way to max out or level up your Weapon Mastery in Apex Legends.

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Last Updated on May 12, 2023

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