How to make Furnace in My Time at Sandrock

Furnace My Time at Sandrock – Like My Time at Portia, My Time at Sandrock takes place in a wholesome post-apocalyptic world 300 years after the Day of Calamity destroyed most modern technologies. You arrive in Sandrock after accepting the job of Sandrock’s newest builder. It is your job to return this rusty city to its former glory. Gather resources to build machines, befriend locals, and defend Sandrock from monsters. All while saving the town from economic ruin.

The furnace is the very first crafting station that you will build. The Furnace is a station where you can use your gathered raw metal resources and craft them into something useful. For example, you can use copper and tin to make bronze which can help manufacture bronze pick hammer upgrades in My time at Sandrock.

How to make a Furnace in My Time at Sandrock

How to get the Furnace Diagram in My Time at Sandrock

To make a furnace, you will first need to acquire blueprints from Yan. In the beginning hours of the game, you will be tasked with building a pick hammer. This is going to be the first mission from Yan. After completing the mission, Yan will ask the builder to make a Recycler in their workshop. After that, you will get instructions on making the furnace like the one shown in the screenshot below.

furnace making instructions

You will need the following to build a furnace

  • 2x Wooden Stick
  • 4x Quartz
  • 2x Stone Troughs

The wooden stick can be crafted with wood scraps. You can find Wood Scrap in the Wood scrap piles and put them into the Recycler. You can also make Wooden Sticks on the workbench as well. It would cost you a total of 6 wood to make Wooden Sticks.

You will be able to get Quartz by destroying gravel piles with your pick hammer. You will be able to supply other builders with materials as well.

Furthermore, you can craft Stone Troughs with the regular stone, which you can find in stone piles near the workshop. The Stone Trough can be made by combining 12 stones on a workbench.

How to make Furnace in My Time at Sandrock

You need to put all the crafted components together in the Assembly Station. First, you need to interact with the Assembly Station by pressing E and it will show the currently available blueprints. Choose Furnace and walk over to the Ghost of the Furnace near the Assembly station and put in all the crafted materials together to build the Furnace.

Place it in your ward, and you will have to fill them with fuel regularly and also make sure that there is enough water in the tank. You will have to fill the Assembly machine with items like Glass, Copper, and Tin so that you can get some metal bars as well. Also, don’t forget to put the feather duster in order to keep the furnace free from dust and sand. Remember that the operation speed of the station can depreciate if too much sand builds up around the furnace.

So this was all about how to make a furnace in My Time at Sandrock.

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Last Updated on June 2, 2022

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